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Superior food quality can only be achieved if there is always sufficient power, especially when it involves the preparation of large quantities. This is what the patented HiDensityControl does.

It distributes the heat, air, and humidity in the cooking cabinet uniformly and intensively, specifically for the quality and quantity of your products.

Benefits for you at a glance:
  • Exceptional uniformity from the first rack to the last
  • Crisp crusts and crunchy breadings
  • No drying out, even of delicate foods
  • Traditional grill marks even with large quantities
  • Short preheating periods, and thus minimum energy consumption

Precision means top quality.
Automatic cooking cabinet climate adjustment.

Every second, highly sensitive thermocouples detect and recognize the current cooking cabinet conditions, so that the required quantity of energy can be optimally adjusted to the food. This takes place precisely and efficiently.

The result: consistent high food quality with minimal use of resources, on every single rack.

Chicken in Rational SelfCookingCenter


Cooking cabinet management.
Heat, air, and moisture.

Intelligent climate management:
The humidity measurement also takes into account the food's own moisture and allows the cooking cabinet climate to be set and regulated down to the percent. Perfect for preparing succulent roasts with perfect crusts.

Dynamic air mixing:
The high-performance fan wheel intelligently adjusts the speed and rotation direction according to the product, quantity, and cooking level for optimal air distribution and consistent results.

Active dehumidification:
Innovative vacuum technology quickly and efficiently dehumidifies the cooking cabinet for crispy crusts and breaded food items.

Fresh steam generator.
Hygienic steam at the push of a button, any time.

Precise steam temperatures and maximum steam saturation guarantees the best possible quality for healthy and nutritious foods, without requiring any costly water softening.

Declaration Rational steam generator

Steam generator

Additional functions:

Read on to learn about other intelligent functions.

"We just need to push a button and we always get the same result. We can only achieve this cooking perfection with RATIONAL."

Nicolas Tsimidakis

Nicolas Tsimidakis

Executive chef

Majestic Hotel Tower / Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Seeing is believing.
Come cook with us.

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