Whistleblower system.

Correct and legally compliant conduct is a top priority for the RATIONAL Group. Integrity and compliance are fundamental to both our self-image and our business activities. To help RATIONAL meet these expectations even more fully, it is important that we remain informed of any potential misconduct within or outside the RATIONAL Group so that we can take appropriate action. The whistleblower system we have introduced provides a mechanism for reporting rule violations. This system is available to all customers, dealers, suppliers, and employees.

Each message is checked. Reports are treated confidentially and we guarantee that whistleblowers will not suffer any negative personal consequences for submitting them. The accused are considered innocent until the violation can be undeniably proven. Investigations are carried out by our independent compliance organization, which is held to maximum standards of confidentiality.

Whistleblowers can use the compliance e-mail address ( compliance@rational-online.com ) to reach out to, stay in touch with, or exchange documents with the Chief Compliance Officer. Whistleblowers can decide for themselves whether they wish to remain anonymous.