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Chefs, restaurateurs, and catering managers may play different roles within the foodservice industry, but they’re all driven by the same question: how do you make the kitchen more efficient and optimize costs? Here at RATIONAL, we’ve been consumed by that question since day one. We believe our combi-steamers can lower energy and personnel costs, without sacrificing quality.

Concept Reduce electricity costs.

The biggest cost driver in professional kitchens is electricity. 70 % of all costs are related to electricity, of which 40% are incurred through cooking alone. Industry professionals agree that combi-steamers provide immense savings potential in terms of both electricity and gas consumption. Short pre-heating times, effective cooking temperatures, and short cooking times are a few of the combi-steamer’s most outstanding features. Our tests have shown that using a SelfCookingCenter requires up to 70% less energy than cooking in conventionally equipped kitchens without combi-steamers. And thanks to triple-pane glass doors and LED lighting, our newest models even save as much as an extra 10% over their predecessors. That adds up to real savings. And thanks to the SelfCookingCenter®'s energy consumption indicator, users can keep an eye on gas and electricity usage at all times, and thus actively incorporate these figures into budget calculations.


Concept Save on raw ingredients.

After extensive comparative cooking tests, we’ve determined that precise regulation and technical features like iCookingControl mean that RATIONAL customers can use up to 20% fewer raw materials than they would with conventional cooking methods. So when it comes to meat, fish, and poultry, the SelfCookingCenter® can save you quite a bit of money. In a restaurant serving two hundred meals a day, that could quickly add up to as much as $ 4,952 per year in savings.


Concept Save on working time.

Working time is another major cost driver. Our two most important solutions: rolling batches with iLevelControl, and eliminating routine tasks like checking and turning food. The SelfCookingCenter®’s intelligent cooking processes can reduce working time by up to 50%. This represents valuable time that kitchen staff can use for other important activities - but time savings are a resource rarely included in cost-effectiveness analyses.


Optimizing cleaning.

The fourth cost driver we considered was cleaning: since all of RATIONAL's units are equipped with fresh steam generators, they eliminate the need for the expensive water filters required in combi-steamers with injection functions. Unlike those models, the SelfCookingCenter® automatically descales itself as part of the cleaning process, which can quickly save up to $ 619 per year.


To calculate concrete savings for your own business, visit our cost-efficiency calculator today. You can either enter your own budget figures directly into the calculator or run sample calculations for hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, or casual-dining operations. The calculator is a quick way for you to discover what your own total savings might look like. While RATIONAL will help you increase your savings, there are two things you will never have to “save” on: quality and hospitality.

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