Behind the scenes.
The SelfCookingCenter® on its way to the customer.

We are celebrating another milestone in the history of the company:
Follow the journey of the 400,000th SelfCookingCenter® over the next few weeks while it's on the way to it´s customer.

  • Let’s get started!

    Our fitter, Tobias, fetches the inner enclosure on his mounting trolley for final assembly.

  • The inner workings are slowly starting to take shape.

    Tobias works with full concentration to mount the first hoses and wiring. After all, everything has to be positioned perfectly in the small installation space available in the SelfCookingCenter® XS.

  • The next step: The fan wheel.

    Tobias installs the patented fan wheel and hinging racks, which are responsible for perfect uniformity when it comes to a full load of meat or baked goods.

  • Special manufacturing for each order.

    Here, the 400,000th SelfCookingCenter® is just one of many. But soon it will be the centerpiece of a kitchen.

    Where is it going to end up? Tobias, our fitter, already knows where, since each appliance is specially manufactured for each order.

  • It's slowly getting serious.

    Tobias fits the circuit board. This is where the intelligence of the SelfCookingCenter® can be found, and it later ensures: Load! Select desired result! Done!

  • The steam generator.

    What our engineers have worked on intensively, Tobias maneuvers, within a few minutes, into the smallest of spaces: The fresh steam generator ensures that the SelfCookingCenter® XS offers the same cooking performance as its big brothers.

  • The last step.

    Tobias inserts our new door gasket and the triple-pane glass door with extreme care. These parts save the future owner roughly an additional 10% in energy costs compared to the previous model. As all three panels can be cleaned, visibility remains good year after year.

  • Done.

    Tobias is proud and happily sticks the type plate, with his name on it, onto the 400,000th SelfCookingCenter®. "One man – one appliance", which means that the fitter is responsible for the quality of the product. And, when he is finished, he adds his name to the "proudly assembled by …" type plate.

    Which name is on the type plate of your appliance?

  • Thoroughly tested.

    In order to ensure that the customer returns again, and not the appliance, each and every SelfCookingCenter® and CombiMaster® Plus are thoroughly tested upon completion. Tester Uwe cannot find a fault - the 400,000th SelfCookingCenter® is cleaned, packed, and sent on its way to its new home.

  • Farewell, SelfCookingCenter®!

    Of course, not all of our appliances receive such a send-off, but every single one has its own place in our hearts.

  • After more than a 1200km...

    ... the 400,000th SelfCookingCenter® is delivered at Sainte Luce sur Loire, in west of France, to our DEAL partner dealer: Quietalis Grand Ouest.

  • The 400.000th SelfCookingCenter® is at our partner dealer.

    In only a few days, it will take centre stage in its new home. The whole team is excited to be part of this story.

  • Today is the 'D' day!

    Our 400,000th SelfCookingCenter® will finally be installed in its new home!

  • Our 400,000th SelfCookingCenter® reaches its destination!

    It's in the restaurant L'Aristide in Nantes, France, where it will be installed, in Tanguy Rattier's new kitchen.

  • ServicePlus.

    Chef Tanguy Rattier is enjoying the on-site training with a RATIONAL chef. Here is the RATIONAL ServicePlus package: As soon as you have one of our appliances in your kitchen, you can start accessing RATIONAL ServicePlus services at any time — from the first day of product service life to the last.

  • The dish prepared by the chef is now ready.

    "I like working with my RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® XS unit. It really is the best kitchen equipment for precise cooking."

    We wish the chef and his team good luck in this new adventure and congratulations for this promising restaurant!

  • The 400,000th SelfCookingCenter® journey timeline.

    Production date of the SelfCookingCenter® XS: Jan 16th
    Delivery and Installation date in France: Jan 27th
    Opening of the Aristide restaurant, Nantes, France: Feb 3rd
    In operation for 2 months serving 200 meals/day

    Kitchen equipped with one SelfCookingCenter® XS and two SelfCookingCenter® 61G



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