The Art of Plating.

Serving a meal is more complex than placing food on the plate. Culinary professionals take into consideration the experience they are about deliver. Hoping to set an impressive first impression, chefs have developed a plating style. Regional Corporate Chef, Nick Truby, shares a few of his plating tips.

Think outside the plate.

When plating your dishes allow your creativity and style shine! Plating on unconventional items (like pieces of slate or wood) using unique garnishes or playing with colors and shapes, is a great way to stand out. Step away from the norm and leave your guest with an “Instagramable” memory.


Back to basics.

Although you should be bold, your plates should still follow a basic formula. Each plate should have a vegetable, main entree, starch and garnish. Sauces are an option depending on the dish. Plates should be clean, not overly full and everything on the plate should be edible. Dishes should also include balanced flavors from the five basic tastes (sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami).


Beautiful collaborations.

Opposites attract, especially when it comes to food. If serving a crunchy item, be sure to have a soft item on the plate. The play on texture will have a guest satisfied and looking for more. The same concept works with flavors. When serving a sweet item, pairing it with something salty will balance the flavors. Visually, mixing bright colors with neutrals will make a plate appealing.


3-D experience.

People are visual creatures and eat with their eyes first. This is what led chefs around the world to start assembling their dishes vertically and developing a dramatic plating style. Though chefs would love to go sky high with dishes, plates still need to be easy to eat with a knife and fork.

The development of social media has been a game changer for plating, and chefs have risen to the occasion. Foodies, bloggers and other culinary influencers love sharing their experiences on social media. If you have a beautiful plate you would like to share, take a picture and tag @rational_usa on Instagram ! Or, inspire others by uploading your recipe with photo on ConnectedCooking .


Seeing is believing.
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