Food trucks are in the fast lane.
Your favourite restaurants are now on the road!

As the digital issue of Inc. reports, the US food truck market reached a volume of $ 2.7 billion in 2017. According to the website “”, the European market has grown by 50 % since 2016. This is no wonder, since these restaurants on wheels are now found at festivals, farmers’ markets, and occasionally near offices at lunchtime. It is still fast food - but a unique kind. What exactly sets food trucks apart? For one, what often used to be associated with unhealthy food has now turned into an avenue for delicious, gourmet, and healthy cuisine.

“Pimp” my bite.

Delicious, gourmet, healthy - this is the “holy trinity” of a successful food truck. Whether it be vegan, regional, burgers, Sri Lankan, pulled pork, falafels, or potato wedges - there is no limit to one’s imagination. But those choosing to only offer vegan dishes should stick to it. Because if they suddenly also offer pulled pork, then they will lose credibility.


The name says it all.

The greasy spoons of the past are no more; food trucks are now called Vincent Vegan, Happy Bite, Gua Bao, The Big Balmy. No matter how fanciful a food truck’s name can be, one thing is always clear: what they have to offer. A dictionary is not always required.


Be fast.

Making everything by hand may be a good thing, but this requires more time that can result in longer queues, ill-tempered customers, or even lost customers. So how can one produce a high quality menu within such a small space? With appliances like the SelfCookingCenter® XS, which are small but are likewise of high quality. This can be used to produce around 90 % of the foods needed within a limited surface of 1 m2.


Be flexible.

Here today, there tomorrow: that is the basic principle of a food truck. They always need to stand out, constantly surprising, and often addressing alternative target groups. Food trucks can be found in front of the office building for lunch and at a private catering event come the evening. Being on wheels makes them very flexible – a factor which can bring in some extra business.


Seeing is believing.
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