Barbara Lynch Gruppo. Boston, MA, USA.

“No dish leaves our kitchen without having been touched in some way by one of our SelfCookingCenter® units.” - Jefferson Macklin, president and COO

French Refinement with Italian Passion.

Whether you are in the mood for homemade pasta, a fine dining experience, or a thirst quenching cocktail, Barbara Lynch Gruppo has the place for you. The founder, Barbara Lynch, focuses on 3 essential ingredients when it comes to her company: great food, well-executed service, and extremely welcoming hospitality. The operation focuses on a philosophy based on “seasonality and a mixture of French refinement with Italian passion,” states Jefferson Macklin, President and COO of Barbara Lynch Gruppo.

With a collection of 5 restaurants, 1 cocktail bar, 1 demonstration kitchen, and 1 catering company, Barbara Lynch Gruppo is able to provide a memorable culinary experience for every customer. For example, STIR offers private cooking demonstrations, classes, and a cookbook store that features hundreds of cookbooks.

The RATIONAL Solution.

In past years, the kitchens were using convection ovens and traditional equipment that limited their menu. “Over time, we just developed the menus that we knew could be executed properly,” explains Chef de Cuisine of B&G Oysters, Stephen Oxaal. With the guiding force of Barbara Lynch and her dream of designing an ideal kitchen, one by one each kitchen had a SelfCookingCenter® installed. As a result, the chefs are able to rely on the equipment for consistency, to program recipes, to save money on time and energy due to EfficientCareControl, and to cook a wide range of dishes.

“Today we are adding dishes to our menu that we could not have dreamed of offering in the past,” states Stephen Oxaal. From world renowned chefs to celebrities, Barbara Lynch cannot receive enough compliments about her RATIONAL units after they dine at one of her restaurants: “The chefs love the uniformity when it comes to cooking in the RATIONAL units.”

  • HiDensityControl®:
    Provides uniformity and quality when cooking, rack after rack.
  • SelfCookingControl®:
    Cooks 150 lobsters in 1 load and 1,050 in one week, which takes 13 minutes a day.
  • Finishing®:
    Less stress while doing banquets.
  • CareControl:
    Saves on both time and energy.
  • Service:
    Has a network of qualified and committed RATIONAL SERVICE-PARTNERS.


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