EDEKA Stenger. Aschaffenburg, Germany.

“We generate 70% of our entrance-area earnings through our daily lunch special. Thanks to RATIONAL, our customers simply like our lunches.” - Herbert Lehnert, Head of Operations

A traditional family business.

The Stenger family has been at home in the food retail business for more than 100 years. The family places great importance on producing its own goods and supplying fresh, ideally local foods at what are now eight supermarket locations.

“More and more, we’re coming to see our stores as competition for the food service industry. Our experiences with our hot food counters have been consistently positive, which is why, here in the centre of Aschaffenburg, we are taking them one step further,” says Herbert Lehnert, who has been working for EDEKA Stenger since 1998.

Their newest store will feature a daily lunch special in the entrance area. Lehnert would also like to produce ready-to-eat meals in-store and offer private party service. To implement his ideas, he needs a competent partner, as well as appliances with which he can prepare top-quality meals easily and efficiently. And he’s found them.

The solution: RATIONAL

“We chose RATIONAL and FRIMA to help us get equipped for the future,” Lehnert says.
Lunch specials have a great deal of potential. “At present, we’re planning for 200 meals per day; Later, we’ll be adding self-serve ready made dishes,” Lehnert adds, glancing at his kitchen manager, Michael Bissert. Bissert is unruffled about Lehnert’s expansive plans. “I’ve worked with RATIONAL in the past, and I know what the units are capable of.”

RATIONAL is the ideal partner for any operation serving 30 or more meals per day. Bissert’s day begins at 6 am, when he takes the roast meats out of overnight cooking and stocks the hot counter. By 8 am, he has finished, freeing up the units to use in pre-production of lunch special components.

Advantages at a glance:
  • Multifunctional: Whether you’re boiling, roasting, frying, grilling, or baking: You can do it all with just one appliance.
  • User-friendly: Even untrained or temporary staff can quickly learn to operate the units.
  • Top-quality food: Food comes out cooked perfectly, quality remains consistently high, and the results are uniform from the first tray to the last.
  • Automatic cleaning: CareControl cleans the cooking cabinet automatically, with no manual intervention required.


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