ICA Kvantum Emporia. Malmö, Sweden.

"The benefits of RATIONAL are: the most efficient programmes, the cleaning, and that the oven is so simple to use.” - Joen Sjödell, Executive Chef

ICA Kvantum Emporia.

After it opened, ICA Kvantum Emporia quickly became appreciated for its fantastic cured meat and delicatessen counter. Weekend shoppers come here hunting for luxurious ingredients, or to purchase an exclusive three-course weekend menu, ready to be enjoyed in the evening. The shop has 70 employees, 15 of which work in the deli/cured meat section. Every week, around 15000 people visit the supermarket. They sell warm, ready-made lunches from Monday to Friday, and have weekend menus for takeout.

They have freshly roasted chicken, ribs, baby back ribs and chicken drumsticks for sale every day. There is a small, tastefully decorated restaurant near the delicatessen where customers can sit down and eat the lunch of the day. Here you will find food from all the corners of the world. The atmosphere is that of a luxury food hall.

The RATIONAL solution.

"Without RATIONAL we would not be able to stock the large variety of dishes that we currently have. It is also of great help when we are grilling and cannot quite estimate the consumption, but can quickly prepare a lot of roasted chicken, baby back ribs, or whatever is needed in a short amount of time with a lovely, and above all uniform, result.” says Joen Sjödell, Executive Chef at ICA Kvantum Emporia. By using RATIONAL, we also save space in the kitchen as other equipment is not needed. They use the preset programmes diligently and are very happy with the results. Sometimes, they grill up to 400 roasted chickens per day. It utilises overnight roasting, steaming, and classical frying, and emphasises the lightness of the programmes that are an advantage if someone needs to e.g. grill roast chicken. Regardless of whom is grilling, the result will be the same. The cleaning programme is wonderful and saves us a lot of time. Quite simply, they are the best ovens, and work flawlessly, says Joen.

Benefits of RATIONAL:
  • SelfCookingControl®:
    Programmes for grilling chicken
  • CareControl:
    Saves time and is efficient
  • Service:
    RATIONAL offers on-site training and further training, and always provides good service when we need help, or if service should be needed


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