Safety instructions during use.

  • When filling containers with liquids or if containers fill up with liquid food products during cooking, only use the rack levels where the user can easily look into the inserted container - risk of burns! Information sticker is enclosed with the unit.
  • Always open the cooking cabinet door very slowly (hot vapours) - risk of burns!
  • Always wear heat protective clothing when handling accessories and other objects in the hot cooking cabinet with - risk of burns!
  • The exterior temperatures of the unit can reach above 60 °C, only touch the appliance on the operating controls - risk of burns!
  • The hand shower and the water coming out of the hand shower can be hot - risk of burns!
  • Cool Down operation - only activate the Cool Down function if the air baffle has been locked as per instructions - risk of injury!
  • Do not reach into the wheel fan - risk of injury!
  • Cleaning - aggressive chemicals - risk of chemical burns! Appropriate protective clothing, protective glasses, gloves and protective face masks must be worn for cleaning.
  • Please observe the safety instructions in the "Cleaning/Efficient CareControl" section.
  • Do not store any flammable or combustible substances near the unit - risk of fire!
  • Apply the brakes on mobile units and mobile oven racks when not moving them. The racks could roll away on uneven floors - risk of injury!
  • During mobile use of mobile oven racks, you must always close the container locks. Cover containers with liquids to prevent hot liquids from spilling out - risk of burns!
  • The transport trolley must be properly fixed to the appliance when loading and unloading the mobile plate rack and the mobile oven rack - risk of injury.
  • Mobile oven racks, mobile plate racks, transport trolleys and units mounted on castors may tip over during transportation over sloping surfaces or bumps - risk of injury!


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