An investment that pays off.

Calculate your savings by using the VarioCookingCenter® in your kitchen:

Because even the smallest kitchen is still too big.
More space for customers or to optimise kitchen processes.

The VarioCookingCenter® combines the functions of conventional cooking appliances such as the range, grill plate, deep-fat fryer, tilting pan and boiler in one multifunctional cooking appliance. This dramatically reduces the space requirement in your kitchen allowing you, for example, to create more space for your customers in the restaurant or optimise your kitchen processes.

Benefits to you at a glance:
  • 30% more space
  • 10% less raw materials*
  • Up to 2 hours per day
  • 40% lower power consumption*
  • Pays for itself in an extremely short time

* Compared to conventional tilting pans, boilers and deep-fat fryers

Because raw materials are precious and expensive.
Up to 10% less consumption of raw materials.

The built-in cooking intelligence, VarioCookingControl®, guarantees golden chips, perfectly cooked pasta, opaque fish, perfect dairy and sweet dishes - all without monitoring and production losses. Thanks to the generous reserve capacity of the VarioCooking Center®, large quantities of meat can be seared without any loss of juices. This reduces your use of raw materials by up to 10% and you can deliver consistently high food quality.

10 % less raw materials

Because the day is always too short.
Up to 2 hours of more valuable working time per day.

Cooking without monitoring thanks to the integrated cooking intelligence, heating up in a record time of 2 minutes* and 40% more searing power will give you up to 2 hours of extra working time per day. Cleaning time is minimal since nothing sticks or boils over. This means the VarioCookingCenter® becomes spotless and available for the next application within just two minutes. This investment will reduce unproductive times to a minimum, since it works for you day and night.

up to 2 hours per day

Because you want to use resources efficiently.
Save up to 40% in electricity and 70% in water every day.

The innovative heating technology, VarioBoost®, always delivers the optimum amount of energy right where it is needed - and at the right time. The excellent heat distribution and the built-in cooking intelligence, VarioCookingControl®, prevent the products from sticking or boiling over. You will no longer need to spend time and water on soaking, as the cleaning process completes in seconds* with minimal water and chemicals. This is proven to save you up to 40% in electricity and 70% in water every day.

40% lower power consumption

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