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The VarioCooking Center®
A speedy recovery thanks to good cooking.

Cost pressure, different dietary requirements, multiple meals a day and a shortage of specialised staff are the challenges of a commercial kitchen in care homes and hospitals. The VarioCookingCenter® has the right recipe for this: The powerful heating system and the built-in cooking intelligence support your kitchen team with great finesse.

Your applications:
  • Easy preparation of special diets
  • 400 meals and more
  • Additional production times thanks to overnight cooking
  • Desserts to be relished

Special diets done easy.
Variety in large quantities.

Catering to special dietary requirements in addition to normal dishes is a great organisational challenge for the kitchen. Due to its fast production time, the VarioCookingCenter® helps you handle individual requirements in a flexible manner. Thanks to VarioBoost®, the powerful heating system, you can produce up to four times more quickly than with a conventional tiling pan or boiling pan.

Diverse range of snacks

400 meals and more.
Maximum productivity.

The VarioCookingCenter® helps you prepare hundreds of meals quickly and flexibly. Whether you need 500 portions of turkey curry, 30 kg of rice or 100 litres of pudding, this can be done in a single batch in the large VarioCookingCenter® 311.


Additional production times thanks to overnight cooking.
Because the day is always too short.

In industry catering especially, it is important to make good use of every single hour. The VarioCookingCenter® therefore also works for you at night, without any supervision. The in-built cooking intelligence sensitively regulates the temperature and makes sure you get a perfect cooking result the next morning. And after just a 2-minute clean, it is ready for you to use again in the morning.


Desserts to be relished.
Easily produced, without sticking or boiling over.

The sweet art of cooking requires precision, sensitive temperature control and a lot of monitoring. With the VarioCookingCenter® and its integrated cooking intelligence, the cooking process is monitored to ensured nothing sticks or boils over. So you can make creamy rice puddings and panna cotta in no time.


“The appliances are unbeatably quick and easy to use. The cooking processes ensure a consistent quality on a daily basis."

Gerhard Lugauer

Gerhard Lugauer

Deputy Catering Manager

University hospital / Regensburg, Germany

Our customers.
Success stories in care homes & hospitals.

  • University Hospital - Regensburg, Germany
  • Calderstones Hospital - Whalley, Great britain
  • Benediktushof Maria Veen - Reken, Germany
  • Hospital Bern-Tiefenau - Bern, Switzerland
  • Westmead Private Hospital - Westmead, Australia

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