The VarioCooking Center®.
The specialist for industry catering.

Give yourself some air in your commercial kitchen, both in terms of space and time. Because not only can the VarioCookingCenter® replace tilting pans, boiling pans and deep-fat fryers, it can also produce up to four times faster with up to 40% less power consumption and reduces the cost of goods by up to 10%. An investment that pays off.

Your applications:
  • Banqueting & buffet
  • Additional production times thanks to overnight cooking
  • Desserts to be relished
  • Pasta al dente

Banqueting & buffet.
Variety in large quantities.

The VarioCookingCenter® helps you prepare hundreds of meals quickly and flexibly. Whether you need 500 portions of turkey curry, 30 kg of rice or 100 litres of pudding, this can be done in a single batch in the large VarioCookingCenter® 311.


Additional production times thanks to overnight cooking.
Because the day is always too short.

Whether it's a wedding or a birthday, big celebrations require good preparation. The VarioCookingCenter® even works for you at night, without any supervision. The in-built cooking intelligence sensitively regulates the temperature and makes sure you get a perfect cooking result the next morning.


Desserts to be relished.
Easily produced, without sticking or boiling over.

The sweet art of cooking requires precision, sensitive temperature control and a lot of monitoring. With the VarioCookingCenter® and its integrated cooking intelligence, the cooking process is monitored to ensured nothing sticks or boils over. So you can make creamy rice puddings and succulent melting chocolate in no time.


Pasta al dente.
Precision landing with no supervision.

Imagine cooking 50 portions of pasta in just 28 minutes. No problem with the VarioCookingCenter® - including the water refill at the push of a button and boiling in record time. The built-in cooking intelligence will monitor the cooking process and automatically drain the food at the right time. Your food is always cooked on point.


“It is a joy to work with the Vario. The food is brought to temperature quickly, which maintains the quality. It also cooks uniformly and is easy to clean.”

Michael Rodenberg

Michael Rodenberg

Executive Chef

Dineamic / Camberwell, England

Our customers.
Success stories from mass catering.

  • Zanuttini Delicatessen - Saint-Nicolas-lez-Arras, France
  • Dineamic - Camberwell, Great Britain
  • Weser Stadion - Bremen, Germany
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground - Richmond, Australia
  • Könings - Oberhausen, Germany

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