Education Catering.

Pasta al dente.
Precision landing with no supervision.

Kids love pasta. And you will too if you cook them with the VarioCookingCenter®. Automatic water refill, boiling in record time and built-in cooking intelligence ensure that everything is always cooked on point. Even when you are not watching.

Diverse range of snacks

The VarioCookingCenter®
Wide range for those little sweet teeth.

Children and young people are demanding customers. With the VarioCookingCenter® you can now also impress the little customers. Without any tilting pans, boiling pans or deep-fat fryers - and therefore delicious and healthy.

Your applications:
  • Pasta al dente
  • 400 meals and more
  • Gentle cooking
  • Additional production times thanks to overnight cooking

400 meals and more.
Maximum productivity.

The VarioCookingCenter® helps you prepare hundreds of meals quickly and flexibly. Whether you need 500 portions of turkey curry, 30 kg of rice or 100 litres of pudding, this can be done in a single batch in the large VarioCookingCenter® 311.


Gentle cooking.
Without any loss of vitamins.

Vitamins are important for children's development. They therefore play a crucial role in children's and school catering. But once vegetables are boiled, they are just left there. The VarioCookingCenter® has a recipe for this: You enter the desired result and the integrated cooking intelligence VarioCookingControl® does the rest. So broccoli and other vegeteables retain their bite and colour.


Additional production times thanks to overnight cooking.
Because the day is always too short.

In nursery and school catering especially, it makes sense to use every single hour. The VarioCookingCenter® helps you do this as it even works for you at night, without any supervision. The in-built cooking intelligence sensitively regulates the temperature and makes sure you get a perfect cooking result the next morning. And after just a 2-minute clean, it is ready for you to use again in the morning.


“We all love the VarioCookingCenter. You can’t burn anything on it or boil anything over. It has a built-in intelligence that supervises the whole cooking process for you."

Angela Morrison

Angela Morrison

Catering Manager

Alsop High School / Liverpool, England

Our customers.
Success stories in nursery and school catering.

  • Mensa Carl von Ossietzky - Bremerhaven, Germany
  • Marie Curie Secondary School - Vire, France
  • Emmanuel College - St Lucia, Australia
  • Alsop High School - Liverpool, Great Britain
  • Youth and Social Organisation - Oranienburg, Germany

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