With additional courses especially aimed at industry catering, á la carte and banquet businesses, RATIONAL UK is this year aiming to provide its customers with further training opportunities. "We would like our customers to know about and maximise the possibilities and profit potential provided by our appliances," says Lee Norton, Managing Director, RATIONAL UK.

The two new RATIONAL Expert Chef Academies for Banqueting and Large scale catering will be offered as advanced courses along with the basic Academy training already available. There is a special training programme designed to the specific needs of all kitchen enterprises, from restaurants and hotels to nurseries and hospitals.

"We demonstrate to our customers how they can improve their operations, save valued preparation time and money, cook a more diverse range of dishes or even attract new business," explains Norton. “It is important to the manufacturer to also be there for its customer after their purchase. Every chef should be able to work with their RATIONAL appliance in a way that is best for their business".

Customers can find out detailed information on course locations and programmes at: