À la carte operation

À la carte operation

Efficiency revolutionises the à la carte operation.

Rush hour on the à la carte side. A sporting challenge that you can now meet better than ever before with iLevelControl.

The SelfCookingCenter® provides you with a multifunctional frying and grilling station that replaces a whole range of individual grilling and frying pans. They can even be arranged vertically, not just horizontally. With automatic monitoring for each individual rack they do not demand your constant attention. No more stress, chaos or the extra effort of constant turning and adjusting. With it comes the certainty of bringing pan fries or grilled food to the plate à la minute, just how your guests expect them: tender and succulent inside, beautifully browned on the outside. It makes no difference how often you load the unit and how often or how long the door is open because iLevelControl corrects the cooking time, keeping it consistent and under control.


Varied mixed loads; iLevelControl knows how.

  • Saves energy compared to individual appliances
  • Consistently high quality
  • Intelligent adjustment of the cooking time to the load size, and the number of times the door is opened, and for how long
  • Less stress and chaos
  • Displays which foods can be cooked together
  • Replaces numerous special appliances