Keeping food warm is a thing of the past.

Keeping food warm is a thing of the past.

Effectively managing a big rush is all in good mise en place. But what do you do during the time until service?

You all know that quality suffers when food is kept warm. Nutrients are lost, vegetables turn grey and the meat goes though. Those days are over!

With Finishing® the quality always stays at the highest level.

1. Simply precook dishes in the SelfCookingCenter® 5 Senses
2. Chill them in the blast chiller
3. Place the cold food on plates or in containers
4. Bring food to serving temperature with Finishing® shortly before serving

The benefits:

  • You calmly prepare your food beforehand, when there is time: in the morning, the afternoon or even a few days beforehand
  • Because you then immediately cool the products, your dishes do not continue cooking and the quality stays consistently high
  • Your food can stay like this for up to three days without any additional preservation
  • You can control the quantities and time of service in all flexibility and therefore avoid expensive over-production or loss of quality due to unnecessarily keeping food warm
  • Even small kitchens with only one unit can prepare large quantities within a very short time without any of the stress
  • Every guest will get a fresh and hot dish without waiting long

Finishing®: Highest Quality. Produced without stress.