Hygienic preparation of face masks.

The new figurehead of the gastronomy: the face mask. Whether white or black, with bow, with elastic band, with logo, with embroidered mouth - there are no limits to the creativity, but there are limits to hygiene. Because after each shift, the mask must be either disposed of or disinfected.

So it's good to know that you can easily disinfect a cotton mask in the SelfCookingCenter® or iCombi. The product development team at RATIONAL has checked this in various test series and recommends the following procedure:

  • Place the masks individually and unpacked in a perforated container and cover them with a stainless steel grid (so that they do not fly away).
  • Preheat the combi steamer, with steam at boiling temperature
  • Place the masks in the combi steamer.
  • Operating mode steam, 95 0C, fan speed 3, 30 minutes
  • Hot air, 80 0C, 0 % humidity, fan speed 3, 40 minutes

Please note that this is not a medical grade disinfection and the procedure is only suitable for cotton masks. Elastic bands worn out by the heat and can lose their elasticity. Now that's a clean performance, isn't it?