Productive and flexible. Like never before.

For production without compromise, we have iKitchen, the combination of SelfCookingCenter®, VarioCookingCenter® and ConnectedCooking. For outstanding food quality, optimised work processes and great potential to save space, money, energy and raw materials. For 500 or thousands of meals. A system solution that adapts to your business.

Your applications with iKitchen:
  • Boil & stew, steam & braise, blanch & pressure cook
  • Bake & pan fry, gratinate & grill
  • Deep-frying
  • HACCP data, recipe transfer, recipe database, appliance monitoring, service access via ConnectedCooking

More space in your kitchen.
Open up new horizons.

Cost and space-intensive kitchen equipment is a thing of the past. Today traditional cooking appliances such as convection ovens, tilting fryers, boiling pans, deep-fat fryers, steamers, pressure cookers, pots and pans are replaced by the SelfCookingCenter® and the VarioCookingCenter®. Not only does this bring space, but also flexibility to the kitchen.


Professional kitchen specialists.
Possible uses at a glance.

The VarioCookingCenter® is the specialist when it comes to soups, sauces, stews, deep-fried products or puddings. The SelfCookingCenter® is the expert in baked goods, gratins, grilled products and large roasts. And with ConnectedCooking you also have HACCP data, recipes and cooking processes under control remotely. Together they constitute a reliable system, with which you can respond to almost any kitchen situation.

The system solution in practice.

BHS Corrugated company restaurant.
"The SelfCookingCenter® and VarioCookingCenter® appliances have changed the way we work in a number of ways. We have more available space in the kitchen - it gives staff much more room to work in, and they can concentrate on making the best food they can." - Alistair Wrigley, Catering Manager, Middlesbrough College

Project: New company restaurant
Quality, freshness, cost of goods and staff costs must be perfectly coordinated, as per Thomas Wenger's goal.

See the complete project in our video.

All appliances at a glance.
Network now.


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