Tips and tricks for stylish plating.

Every child knows the phrase “You eat with your eyes!” It is obvious that this is more than just empty words. Dishes simply taste much better if they are plated in an appetizing way.
How does this work?
Here are some tips and tricks on how to properly plate dishes.

The golden rule is:

It is not just about art, but about eating.

You should be able to eat a dish with a knife and fork without any problems and everything on the plate must be edible. Hot dishes must be properly served hot and cold dishes must be properly served cold – there is no in between. So preheat plates and plate on a warm surface.


The edge of the plate is off limits.

You cannot go wrong with simple crockery – clear shapes and neutral colours; ideally white. Plates and cutlery must be absolutely clean - this also applies to the edge of the plate and any smudges of sauce.


Less is more.

Serve small portions and add some more if required. Nobody wants to be intimidated by a monster portion for the entrée or main course.


High piles are good – the world is three-dimensional.

It can look chic if the food is not simply placed flat on the plate, but rather at a height. The spaghetti can look nice rolled into a tower with a fork and topped with a parmesan chip. Boiled rice is filled into a cup, positioned upside down on the plate and garnished with fresh sprouts. Et voilà!


Laying roads.

By “road”, we mean in this case, that the plated ingredients are arranged on the plate as if pulled by a string. There is also the option of brushing a trail of purée or sauce on the plate and plating on top.


Play with shapes
Cut out melon in balls, cut polenta into triangles, halve rolled foods such as spring rolls, pancakes or burritos diagonally and thus present the inside – there are no limits to the imagination.

Decorate with sauce and edible herbs and flowers
Properly distributed and professionally messy – the adorned plate is ready.

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