Whistleblower System for RATIONAL.

Correct and legally compliant behavior is a top priority for the RATIONAL group. Integrity and faithfulness to the rules derive from our self-image and are central components of our business activities. To meet this expectation even better it is important to learn about potential misconduct within or outside the RATIONAL Group at any time in order to be able to remedy it. The whistleblower system introduced by us offers the possibility to report any violations of the rules. This System is available to all customers, dealers, suppliers and employees.

Every message will be investigated. Confidentiality is assured to every whistleblower so that he will not suffer any personal disadvantage. The presumption of innocence shall apply to accused persons until the infringement can be clearly proved. The investigations are carried out in compliance with the highest confidentiality.

Via the compliance email address ( compliance@rational-online.com ) whistleblowers have the opportunity to contact the Chief Compliance Officer, to exchange documents, and to stay in touch as well. Whistleblowers can decide for themselves whether they want to remain anonymous or show themselves.