Baking quality.
Just great. Always fresh. Just great.

Whether sweet or savoury baked goods, small or large, fresh or frozen, raw or semi-baked products - your SelfCookingCenter® is equipped with all the main functions so that your baked goods will look and taste like they have just come from the baker's.

Everyone can be a baking professional now - all you have to do is set your desired baking result. According to which dough you are preparing and whether you want light or dark browning, the SelfCookingCenter® will precisely adjust the humidity, temperature, air speed and baking time to your specifications.

Overview of advantages:
  • Precise amount of steam
  • Humidity regulation and dynamic air mixing down to the percent
  • Perfect baking with core temperature probe
  • Different fan wheel speeds
  • Integrated proving stages
  • Steam baking with regulated rising

Adjustment to individual preferences.
With the baking assistant to your desired result.

With the SelfCookingCenter®, you can prepare almost any baked goods in the world. If you like, your new baking assistant will even consider local characteristics. Whether you want to bake a golden to chocolate brown succulent cheesecake or the unbrowned and creamy New York cheesecake.

It's in your control and your SelfCookingCenter® will help you.

"The flexibility of the appliances and the variety of applications have convinced us, because the product quality means customers come back to us again and again."

Edeltraud Weigelt

Edeltraud Weigelt

Branch Manager

Landbäckerei Sinz / Germany



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