Boiling with the iVario.

One of its easiest tasks.

Without supervision.

But still exactly as you want.

Vegetables, pasta, risotto, milk, béchamel sauce - with the iVario you can boil the dishes you want more quickly than in the boiling pan or saucepan. Without supervision. Thanks to the built-in cooking intelligence, the energy is sensitively transferred to the food product, the cooking process continuously monitored and regulated as necessary. Nothing will boil over or stick.

The iVarioBoost heating system.

Fill with water with precision to the litres and bring the water to the boil in record time. Thanks to iVarioBoost, the powerful heating system, it even continues boiling if cold food is loaded.

Permanent temperature regulation.

The iCookingSuite, the built-in cooking intelligence, helps you in your daily work and eliminates the routine chores such as constant checking and temperature adjustments. Pasta, soups, desserts - tap, select, boil. And the desired result is already sitting on the table.


30, 300 or even more portions of pasta al dente. In 30 minutes. Without supervision. A simple task for the iVario. Because the built-in cooking intelligence will monitor the cooking process and automatically drain the food at the right time. Cooked to perfection.

Water intake precise to the litre.

The iVario fills itself with exactly the right amount of water, which is then quickly emptied through the integrated drain. Good for preventing scalding, slipping on wet floors and tedious carrying of heavy water containers. For more ergonomy and work safety.