Crispy and juicy deep-fried products.

In order to obtain crispy and juicy deep-fried products, optimum heat distribution in the cooking cabinet is crucial, as is powerful dehumidification. In both these areas, the SelfCookingCenter® sets the standard in combi-steamer technology.

You can prepare pre-fried products such as fries, calamari, spring rolls without adding any fat. Simply use the RATIONAL CombiFry®, which ensures optimum energy input, select the "deep-fry" function, and that's it. So, for example, you can prepare up to 200 portions of fries in just 15 minutes.

Overview of advantages:
  • 95% less fat consumption
  • Deep-fat fryers are simply replaced
  • Breaded products without turning
  • Easy to handle
  • No monitoring or checking required

Unlimited baking diversity at the touch of a button.
Crispy and succulent with the SelfCookingCenter®.

Even breaded products come out perfectly without any monitoring or turning. Breaded escalopes, fried chicken, cordon bleu or even breaded vegetables are easy to prepare. Brush or spray a little fat over the freshly breaded products, place them onto our granite-enameled container and you will get crispy and succulent breaded products.

You can prepare up to 240 escalopes in 12 minutes. Of course you can also prepare breaded and pre-fried products in a mixed load.

"We cook everything in it now, we don’t use any other cooker. I don’t know how we managed before. It’s brilliant!"

Tracy Hindry

Tracy Hindry

School Cook

Aldborough School / Norfolk, UK

Other possibilities for mixed loading:



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