iCombi Pro.
The new standard.

The new. I am experienced, think, learn, forget nothing, watch and adapt. I know the desired result, adapt the humidity, air speed and temperature automatically, in other words: thanks to my intelligence, I will respond dynamically to your requirements. Has the cooking cabinet door been open too long? Is the steak thicker than usual? Are there more chips than the last time? I will automatically adjust the settings and deliver your desired result. Time and time again. With extreme efficiency. After all, that's what my intelligence is for.

What do you get out of it? All kinds of freedom, plus the certainty of achieving your goals. Exactly as you imagine.

Everything you do,

you can now do it better.

Efficiency reinterpreted: Forget about the space-consuming cooking appliances and let the iCombi Pro work for you. On less than approx. 1 m2. Meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and baked goods. À-la-carte, catering, delivery service and casual dining. Thanks to the interactive intelligent assistants, iCombi Pro does a lot. With the powerful air circulation and dehumidification, iDensityControl ensures approx. 50 %* more productivity with approx. 10 %* less cooking time. It also delivers consistent and uniform results right up to every corner. At the same time, the intuitive operating concept provides the highest level of user support and minimisation of errors. So that production can simply keep on going.

*compared to the previous model

For you this means a higher performance, that saves time and money. And adds more to the flavour.
Cooking time
Energy and water consumption
previous model

You have one goal,

and the iCombi Pro knows the way there.

You have a goal, pursue it without compromise with the cooking intelligence of the iCombi Pro. For example: Sometimes you need to get 5 steaks ready at the same time, sometimes 100, all with the same quality. Either way, produced with the same quality. To achieve this, the iCombi Pro continuously checks the condition of the food against the desired result, calculates the cooking progress and intelligently adjusts the temperature. What if the guests arrive early and the grilled vegetables aren't ready yet? Then switch from a single to mixed load. The iCombi Pro regulates the cooking parameters so that you can cook both at the same time. Or did you change your mind and want a different result? Then intervene in the cooking process and adjust accordingly. The iCombi Pro will optimally adjust the temperature and time. The result will convince you every time. It can also be reproduced at any time. No matter who is operating the cooking system.

This is intelligent cooking, so you can always cross your personal finishing line. Efficient, simple, reliable.

Complex production

requires simple solutions.

Life in the kitchen: the stress and rush to get everything ready at the same time and on time. A logistical challenge whether using pen and paper or software. No more. Because now the iCombi Pro with the iProductionManager take over: Simply place the dish on the display and it will show you what else you can produce at the same time. You only have to specify whether you want to cook with time, or energy efficiency. The system will monitor each rack individually, so that the cooking times are adjusted intelligently to the quantity and desired result. You decide if you want the food to start cooking at the same time, or finish cooking at the same time. Either way, the iCombi Pro will tell you when something needs to go into the cooking cabinet: the food is ready.

Save the logistical expenses, streamline production and minimise personnel expenses. While maintaining the same quality. Life in the kitchen of the future: quiet and serenity.


You wouldn't even guess it had been at work for hours.

Grilling any quantity of food will leave behind stubborn dirt, meaning the iCombi Pro cannot immediately be used to prepare other dishes. If it weren't for the iCareSystem. Such as with the ultrafast interim clean in approx. 12 minutes. Then you can quickly move on to cooking the broccoli, without any flavour transfer or unpleasant smells. When it comes to spotless hygiene at the end of the day, the iCombi Pro will tell you whether it is heavily, moderately or slightly soiled. You decide whether to run an eco, or standard clean. With descaling of course. Overnight of course. Always very clean, with 50 %* less chemicals in the phosphate-free cleaner tabs. The iCombi Pro can note your preferences and show you the corresponding cleaning programme the next time.

*compared to the previous model

With iCareSystem, you save on cleaner, water and time, it also leaves you squeaky clean in terms of hygiene, operating costs and the environment.