iVario Pro.
The new performance class.

Looks like a tilting pan, but it can do so much more: Boiling, frying, deep-frying and pressure cooking - the iVario Pro replaces virtually all conventional cooking appliances, because it has the power: Its unique heating technology combines power with precision. Because it has intelligent cooking assistants, which think, learn and support. Because it is up to 4 times as fast, requires up to 40 % less energy with a huge space gain compared to conventional cooking appliances. Or in other words, because it can. For outstanding food quality without checking or supervision.

This is how you benefit: One of the most modern cooking systems for enormous productivity, flexibility and simplicity.

Your new high performer.

As precise as it is fast.

There are thick pan bases with long preheating times and slow responses. There are thin pan bases with uneven temperature distribution and foods that stick. Then there is iVarioBoost, the combination of ceramic heating elements and fast-response, scratch-resistant pan bases. For higher efficiency, outstanding speed and uniform heat distribution.

The integrated iVarioBoost energy management system consumes much less energy than conventional cooking appliances, and still offers generous reserve capacity. This allows you to sear quickly and the temperature will not drop noticeably when adding cold ingredients like it does with conventional technology.

Impressive power 15 kg of pasta
iVario Pro XL 22 min
Impressive power 45 kg beef fillet stroganoff
iVario Pro XL 20 min
Impressive power 120 litres rice pudding
iVario Pro XL 70 min
Impressive power 30 kg chickpeas, soaked (pressure)
iVario Pro XL 42 min
Impressive power 120 kg goulash with sauce (pressure)
iVario Pro XL 88 min
This means for you: No sticking, no boiling over. Succulent meat. Tasty roasted flavours. Excellent uniformity.

Reliably to the desired result.

Without supervision.

Intelligent regulation, at the push of a button – with the iCookingSuite, the cooking intelligence in the iVario Pro. Which individually adjusts the cooking process to the food, which brings everything to the desired cooking result, which learns from you, adapts to your cooking habits and only alerts you when you need to take action. Such as turning a steak, you can’t burn anything on it, or boil anything over. Low temperature cooking, delicate sweets - no problem at all, with AutoLift, the pasta will even come out the water automatically. Plus, if you want to give your own touch to the food, you can intervene in the cooking process.

High quality of food without supervision, easy to operate with almost no training. This is the support that prevents mistakes and saves time.

Best results

in all areas.

Flexibility – a must in industry catering. For special diets, extra requests or for staff feeding. Large kitchens still need to be able to prepare smaller portions quickly and efficiently. That's exactly what iZoneControl is for. It enables you to divide the iVario into four zones, and you can choose the size, position and shape as you want. You can now cook the same or different foods in a single pan. Simultaneously or on a time delay, at the same or a different temperature. You only heat the surfaces you really need. This saves energy and a huge amount of kitchen equipment.

It only heats up as much of the pan base that you really need. For more efficiency and flexibility. Even with small portions.

Achieve the end result quickly and gently.

The pressure cooking function.

Builds up pressure to take the pressure off: When things need to get done quickly, you can counter this with the optional intelligent pressure cooking function. Secured with the internal lock, casseroles, braised dishes, stocks, soups and stews can also be cooked up to 35 % faster, without any loss of quality and without maintenance requirements. As the iVarioBoost heating system builds the pressure at the push of a button and keeps it constant. Throughout the entire cooking process, this protects the structure of the food and you can still achieve the best cooking results in no time.

Leg of lamb
cooking 117 minutes
Pressure cooking 86 minutes
Savings 26 %
cooking 65 minutes
Pressure cooking 42 minutes
Savings 35 %
Prime boiled beef
cooking 170 minutes
Pressure cooking 135 minutes
Savings 21 %
This is how you benefit: For you this means more capacity, shorter cooking times and more productivity.