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"RATIONAL cooks our main menu items daily, 600 meals and saves us three headcount.” - Lee Loy Foon, Senior Executive Chef

Adapting and innovating.

Select Group is a leading market player in integrated food and management services in Singapore for 25 years. It has grown from a tingkat delivery service in 1991 to a F&B Group with more than a hundred restaurants and establishments island-wide. Under its umbrella, there are two event catering brands, Select and Stamford.

Select has been a household brand serving the Singapore population for over two decades, highly specialized in providing catering services for special events and functions as well as delivery of prepared meals to offices and domestic doorstep.

Stamford was established in 2001, a halal certified catering arm that aims to serve a wider group of customer base from the corporate event to high-end private parties. Select Group continues to leverage on new technology to enhance the productivity and efficiency.

The RATIONAL Solution.

“Select Group capitalizes on technology to increase the overall kitchen productivity, efficiency and lessen the dependency on manpower. For instance, the process of steaming rice is highly laborious, close monitoring is required to ensure evenly cooked results. With the RATIONAL unit, we save three headcount and hiring of unskilled staff is possible for this case”, says Chef Lee.

“RATIONAL has also helped us to overcome the trend of shortage of local manpower. With the combi-steamer technology, we are able to reduce the intensive workload effectively and provide a more holistic and comfortable working environment for the staff”, says Chef Lee.

“Every year our management raises the bar on distribution locations by double growth each time. This is only possible with the aid of technology in the kitchen that contributes to greater efficiency and RATIONAL’s precise cooking has ensured the consistent quality of our mass production”, says Chef Lee.

  • Durability:
    “Some of our RATIONAL units are over 10 years old and are still functioning well”, says Chef Lee.
  • 50 % time saving:
    “Since cooking in the RATIONAL unit requires no supervision, we have more time for other tasks”, says Chef Lee.
  • 10 % raw material saving:
    “The precise cooking of the RATIONAL unit has reduced food wastage”, says Chef Lee.
  • Up to 80 % space saving:
    “There’s so much we can cook in a RATIONAL unit compared to the traditional appliances”, says Chef Lee.


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