St George’s School for Girls. Edinburgh, Scotland.

“Another thing that’s great for us is that the RATIONAL units record everything that’s cooked, including the temperature and times. We can transfer this onto a memory stick to produce a printout for the Environmental Health Officers.” - James Ferguson – foodservices director

Fast, healthy and easy.

Established in 1888, St George’s School, is the only ‘all-through’ girls’ school in Edinburgh, catering for 800 pupils from 2-18 years. St George’s prides itself on delivering education and pastoral care expressly designed for girls. The school is committed to giving pupils healthy, freshly cooked food. It has won two NHS Scotland healthy living awards to prove it. Meals are packed with nutritious ingredients and cooking methods keeping fat, salt, additives and sugar to a minimum.

Ingredients at St George’s are sourced locally, directly from producers and suppliers. The catering staff produce over 950 meals a day in the RATIONAL combi ovens. “Once we’d seen the RATIONAL at a CookingLive event, in action, we knew they were just what we needed in our kitchen,” says Margaret Imlah.

The RATIONAL Solution.

The units are used for most of the cooking as they can roast, poach bake, toast, braise and pan fry – all at the touch of a button.

“The speed of cooking in the RATIONAL is phenomenal,” says James Ferguson. “We can now cook throughout the service time, so the last to be served get the same consistency as the first. For example, battered fish only takes 12 minutes to cook so we can constantly replenish the serving dishes. Homemade beef steak or chicken pies are very popular as well, but before we had the RATIONAL we couldn’t produce the quantity needed. Now it’s no problem.”

Building on the success in the main kitchen with the RATIONAL, St George’s invested in two smaller 10 grid models for the boarding house, serving breakfast for 62 people. “One of our specialities, shortbread, is now really simple to get just right. We’ve saved the settings so no matter who does the cooking we get perfect results,” says Margaret.

  • iLevelControl:
    Tells the user which different foods can be cooked together at the same time and intelligently controls the cooking time for each rack. It means everything is cooked to perfection, every time.
  • Efficient CareControl:
    Enhances efficiency by detecting the build up of cooking residues and suggest the appropirate cleaning level saving up to 40% in terms of energy, water and chemicals.
  • Safety:
    Guaranteed hygiene standards and HACCP records.


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