What industry catering today must be able to do.

Will the energy crisis remain a permanent fixture in our local company restaurants? Like many other industries worldwide, the catering segment in particular is undergoing change. Energy prices are universally high, customers are demanding and the competition in the form of supermarkets or restaurants offering a lunch service is only a street away. What to do? There’s another way.

Investments in commercial kitchens today must pursue a clear goal and constitute an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable alternative to the status quo. The time for experimentation is over, and the focus is now more than ever on cost-efficiency. Among other things, this means saving space, working time, raw products, electricity and water. And of course - money. This requires innovative appliances that meet today's challenges with modern technology, reduce the workload, are easy for everyone to operate and combine as many functions of numerous kitchen technologies as possible.

The future starts today.

Frying, boiling, blanching, deep-frying and pressure cooking must all work perfectly, sometimes overnight too. These are many tasks that usually require a lot of equipment and therefore a lot of energy. Cooking processes in the hospitality industry account for the greatest proportion of energy usage.

After all, conventional tilting pans, boilers and deep-fat fryers are difficult to manage when it comes to cost-efficiency. Long heating times, inaccurate temperature management, high energy consumption and an intensive cleaning process make working in the commercial kitchen difficult. The iVario by Rational shows that it can be done differently.

It combines numerous conventional kitchen appliances in one, therefore replacing them. The result is a cooking system with which you can boil, fry and deep-fry up to 4 times faster and with up to 40% less energy compared to conventional cooking technology. Without having to compromise on the quality of the food and you can even expect more output in less time with lower energy usage. The iVario is like a tilting pan that has been consistently developed further, thus replacing the tilting pan, boiler, deep-fat fryer and pressure cooker.

Save working time and energy.

The tilting pan, boiler and deep-fat fryer are in full use for 600 meals per day. Now the clock is ticking and high productivity is required for a successful staff restaurant. With conventional kitchen technology, the electricity meter also ticks at the same time, which is not an option with rising energy prices. The iVario Pro L and XL models, on the other hand, promise up to 40% less energy usage with 4 times higher productivity. The reason for this is the modern iVarioBoost heating technology, which ensures precise temperature management.

Thanks to iVarioBoost, the pan base heats up quickly and sensors in the pan base recognise when the right temperature has been reached and reduce the energy input accordingly. This not only saves energy, but also ensures that nothing boils over and nothing sticks. Fast heating, precise control and clean working have yet another effect: You save a lot of working time, which is wasted on waiting and cleaning with conventional kitchen technology.

Guaranteed quality. Thanks to automatic monitoring.

Production processes in industry catering leave no room for any errors. This is because customer demands are high and competition may only be a street away. Standardised food quality including variety in the range must meet customer expectations. Constant monitoring of the production process is an important part of this, in order to avoid errors and negative ratings. Every action must be taken to ensure standardised food quality.

This is where the intelligent cooking system offers the solution in times of skills shortages: The iVario monitors food preparation and thus supports the production process to an unprecedented extent.

So rather than simply accepting change in the corporate catering industry, go ahead and actively shape it by taking a different approach. By using modern kitchen technology, for example, which takes on work, saves time and money and also guarantees high output.

Experience energy saving live.