RATIONAL CombiMaster® Plus:

In a class of its own.

The new CombiMaster® Plus offers mature technology and supports the craftsman’s skills of the individual chef. It is rugged, easy to operate and offers enticing functions that ensure the highest possible food quality every time.

Unique cooking output

The output of the CombiMaster® Plus allows load sizes to be increased by up to 30 %. Combined with the mature cooking technology, this output guarantees consistently excellent food quality.


Limitless variety

The CombiMaster® Plus replaces up to 50 % of all conventional cooking appliances. You can grill, bake, roast, braise, steam, stew, poach and much, much more in it.


Optimum cooking cabinet climate

ClimaPlus® regulates the product specific climate in the cooking cabinet, ensuring crunchy crackling, crisp breaded coatings and succulent roasts.