iCombi Classic.
Productive. Robust. Reliable.

The iCombi Classic is genuinely multitalented, and will quickly become an indispensable part of your kitchen. Robust, powerful and efficient, it replaces numerous conventional appliances while taking up less than 11 ft2 of space. Easy to operate. Packed with functions that ensure top-quality cooking. As an experienced chef, you’ll get the results you’re looking for every time.

The winning combination. A tool that boosts productivity as well as food quality.


that fits your kitchen routine.


The iCombi Classic’s measurement and control center provides a constant, individually tailored cooking cabinet climate, ensuring top performance at all times. The powerful fresh steam generator provides optimum steam saturation, while ClimaPlus regulation, additional fans, and ideal cooking cabinet geometry allow high-performance dehumidification. Energy is transferred into food precisely, at exactly the right moment - and the iCombi Classic has plenty of reserve power for when it really matters. The result? Tray after tray of perfectly uniform results, even on large loads, while consuming up to 10% less energy and water. All with one goal in mind: helping cooks take their food to the next level through crisper crusts, crunchier breading, and more perfect grill marks.

That adds up to more power, more productivity, and more resource efficiency.

Regulate everything.

Easily and intuitively.

It really is this easy: An intuitive control panel concept, easy-to-read symbols, and a selection knob with a push function make operating the iCombi Classic a breeze. It’ll become second nature before you know it.

Individually programmable.

Satisfied with your results? Great! Save them to a cooking program with up to 12 steps. You can store up to 100 different cooking processes.

A whole new dimension of quality, reliability, and standardization.

Steam mode.

The steam generator generates humidity through fresh, hygienic steam, adjustable in increments of 10%. Together with constant cooking cabinet temperatures, it ensures optimum steam saturation and uniform cooking processes.

For mouthwatering color and texture while preserving valuable nutrients.

Hot Air mode.

Hot air, circulating at precisely adjusted rates, flows around the food on all sides. The unit has enough reserve power to bake or pan-fry a full load of convenience foods, such as calamari, croquettes, cookies, or croissants.

Top performance for top-quality results.

Combi Steam mode.

The advantages of hot steam combined with the advantages of hot air: short cooking times and reduced cooking losses, plus intense flavor and beautiful color. For exceptional results.

No cooking losses, no drying out, just pure quality.


ready for its closeup.

No matter how hard the iCombi Classic works, the automatic cleaning function can rise to any challenge. Light, medium, or heavy-duty cleaning with phosphate-free tabs, during the day or overnight. Or just give it a quick clean between uses, even without tabs. The Care System makes pricey water softeners and regular steam generator descaling unnecessary. And to make things even easier, all cleaning options are quickly accessible via the display.

Our number-one priority: Making sure that you can always work quickly and easily with a perfectly hygienic cooking system.

10-year service part

RATIONAL guarantees 10-year availability on all listed service parts. This means a long service life, greater planning certainty, and guaranteed minimal downtime.

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