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Advantages at a glance.

Food quality.

Top quality results at top speed. Regardless of what you're preparing. The iHexagon is so intelligent that it adapts to the food.

Time savings.

Up to 30% faster than the iCombi Pro. WIthout sacrificing quality. No customer lines. More bottom line.


Microwave plus additional heating power allows you to do more in less time. On all six levels.


Batches of any size, different foods at the same time, quick post-production, additional menu options. That's what the iHexagon means by flexibility.


Intelligent climate management lets you cook faster and better than ever.

The iHexagon combines the best of combi-steamers and speed ovens: the quality and quantity of one, the quickness of the other. It's all thanks to iClimateBoost, the heart of the new system, which intelligently adjusts steam, hot air, microwave, fan wheel, and time parameters to each food.

Microwave technology on every level.

Microwave technology isn’t anything new. But using it intelligently throughout the entire cooking cabinet? That’s revolutionary. And that’s where the iHexagon shines. Only it adjusts each parameters intelligently to fit individual products. From the first rack to the last. For uniform results on every level. For quantities of any size. In no time.

Powerful heat output.

Microwaving heats food very quickly. Usually, that comes at the expense of browned, caramelized flavor notes. The iHexagon is a different story. Its microwave is balanced out by never-before-seen heating power. Which means optimal browning and delicious roasted flavors in no time at all.

Hygienic steam.

The iHexagon's steam generator also plays a role in the quality of its results. It keeps the food from drying out while also preventing condensation buildup.


Monitoring and support.

Integrated cooking expertise.

The iCookingSuite delivers the target results at the touch of a button. MyDisplay shows the most important dishes first. Together, they make the iHexagon easy for anyone to use, regardless of skill level.

Mixed loads.

Cooked together. Finished on schedule.

Cooking different products at the same time – thanks to the iProductionManager – is one of the iHexagon's strengths. Because it uses microwave energy intelligently from the first rack to the last. And puts your business in the fast lane.

Autonomous cleaning

Simple. Safe. Clean.

The iCareSystem AutoDose feature offers built-in storage for cleaning and care cartridges, keeping them safely locked away. No contact with chemicals, no refills taking up valuable storage space, no measuring errors. The result? Radiant cleanliness, impeccable hygiene, and improved work safety, all while lowering expenses.


Make your kitchen faster, easier, safer.

ConnectedCooking, the digital kitchen management system, helps you make the most of your iHexagon. Share cooking programs, update system software, keep an eye on appliance availability, identify areas of potential energy conservation, and capture HACCP data.

The core temperature probe.

Unique among microwave appliances.

The core temperature probe keeps the iHexagon in the know about your food. It measures product size, condition, and cooking progress precisely so that the iHexagon can adjust its parameters accordingly. Getting exceptional results in no time has never been easier.

The glass door.

For total transparency.

The iHexagon is fast. Really fast. To make sure no one gets left behind, it has a large glass door that provides a perfect view of the entire cooking cabinet. That gives users the peace of mind that comes with having everything under control.

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