iVario Pro: The multifunctional cooking appliance.

The game changer in the professional kitchen.

Deep-fat fryer, stove, pots, pans, pressure cooker, bain-marie, tilt skillet, and kettle: all in one cooking system.

Tight spaces. Rising costs. Skilled labor shortages. High expectations. RATIONAL’s multifunctional iVario Pro is the solution for many of the food service industry’s biggest challenges: All models can replace industrial deep fryers, commercial stoves, and frying pans. The larger models also replace tilt skillets and kettles.

Boiling, pan-frying, deep-frying, low-temperature cooking, pressure cooking, sous-vide—in the future, all of these applications will require just one cooking system: the iVario Pro.

And the iVario Pro also guarantees excellent food quality all of the time. Even better, it works up to four times faster* than conventional kitchen technology, using up to 40% less energy*.

How you benefit.

Optimize your professional kitchen with the iVario Pro and count on:

  • Consistent, high food quality
  • The perfect degree of doneness
  • Precise temperature regulation
  • No burning, no boiling over
  • Time, money, space, and energy savings
  • Large quantities of food in no time
  • Short preheating times
  • Efficient cleaning
  • Intuitive controls
  • Maximum investment security

Discover the four models of the iVario Pro – the multifunctional cooking appliance for professional kitchens.

Cook up to four times faster, using 40% less energy.

The iVario Pro is indispensable to the professional kitchen. Whether they’re in restaurants or catering operations. For 50 or 500 meals per day. Discover the right model for your needs.

The iVario Pro in the restaurant.

Stoves, pots, pans, deep fryers, pressure cookers, bain maries.

Our iVario Pro 2-S and 2-XS models are perfect for your restaurant operations. Whether you’re doing mise en place or à la carte, the iVario Pro adapts to the challenges you face. Bring a real game changer into your restaurant kitchen. Make your workflows faster and easier. While getting exceptional results.

The iVario Pro in catering operations.

Tilt skillets, boilers, pressure cookers.

Our iVario Pro L and XL models are exactly what your catering operations need. School kitchens, healthcare kitchens, event catering—the iVario Pro is indispensable to commercial kitchens. Discover the game changer for catering. Large quantities in no time, with consistently excellent results.

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Discover the iVario Pro’s range of functions.

And much more.

Experience the iVario Pro live in action.

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