You want a complete overview.

You can get it - with iCookingControl.

Understands. Learns. Communicates.

iCookingControl is the assistance function that implements your wishes to the point. A just the touch of a button and iCookingControl always prepares all food exactly as you want it.

And it gets even better: With iCookingControl you'll be able to keep an eye on what your cooking system is doing. As soon as it changes settings, it will inform you of this on the display. It will even show you why it is making changes.

This is behind it:

  • Your cooking system senses and recognises the sizes, load quantity and condition of your products
  • It calculates the appropriate browning by itself
  • According to the desired result, it will make the necessary decisions and adjust the temperature, cooking time, air speed and cooking cabinet climate to best suit the requirements of your food
  • It familiarises itself with your preferences and if you are satisfied with the result, you or your kitchen team can access these at the press of a button

Your benefits:

  • Keep control of and your eye on the result
  • You can always rely on your cooking system doing exactly what you want it to
  • Simply give up time-consuming tasks and at the same time keep an overview over all work steps

That's new. That's unique. This is cooking in interactive interplay between people and technology.

Do you want to use your SelfCookingCenter® 5 Senses manually too?

No problem. And you've got RATIONAL's best combi-steamer included.