iCombi Pro.

The WOW effect.

From front cooking in hotels and restaurants to industry catering in schools, canteens and retirement homes. For small and large quantities. From 30 to 3000 meals. From supermarkets to fine dining. Here you will find the iCombi Pro that suits your wishes, needs and requirements. And it can do much more than a convection oven or steamer.

iCombi Pro XS

Capacity: 6 x 2/3 GN
Number of meals per day 20-80

iCombi Pro 6-1/1

Capacity: 6 x 1/1 GN
Number of meals per day 30-100

iCombi Pro 6-2/1

Capacity: 6 x 2/1 GN
Number of meals per day 60-160

iCombi Pro 10-1/1

Capacity: 10 x 1/1 GN
Number of meals per day 80-150

iCombi Pro 10-2/1

Capacity: 10 x 2/1 GN
Number of meals per day 150-300

iCombi Pro 20-1/1

Capacity: 20 x 1/1 GN
Number of meals per day 150-300

iCombi Pro 20-2/1

Capacity: 20 x 2/1 GN
Meals per day: 300-500

Which RATIONAL unit fits in your professional kitchen?

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The iCombi Pro’s WOW effects.

Your benefits.

Your investment.
Your peace of mind.

Savings in operating and maintenance costs, and in descaling. Resulting in a longer service life. Together, this makes a safe investment.

Simple to use.
For Everybody.

Intuitive, individual and connected – these are the characteristics of the iCombi Pro's operating concept. This makes induction times short.

Just like new.

Automatic cleaning, phosphate-free cleaner, HACCP data recording. Everything for hygienic safety. Their kitchen’s hygiene is in great hands.

Efficient workflows.
For your team.

Preparation time, preparation sequence – it all runs smoothly. With overnight cooking, mixed loads and standardised quality.

Amazing results.
For your guests.

Colour, texture, evenness across all racks, preservation of nutrients and vitamins – always the same, always good.

Saves time.
Your time.

Takes off the pressure, works efficiently, is productive and reliable - the iCombi Pro does it all.


The virtual experience.

Monitoring & support

The iCombi Pro always finds the way to the desired cooking result. Without help. Over and over again. Exactly as specified. Even if something unexpected comes up. Such as the cooking cabinet doors being open longer, colder products, more food than usual – all required settings are adjusted immediately.

Flexible planning

Use every single rack of the iCombi Pro and prepare different foods at the same time. Without any flavour transfer. Even with advance planning. For recurring processes. Time or energy-optimised order. As an efficient sequence of dishes. Or in the specified production time.

Automatic cleaning and descaling

The iCombi Pro will tell you how dirty it is. You decide whether to run an eco or standard clean. With descaling. Including overnight. Always super clean with 50% less chemicals in the phosphate-free cleaner tabs. iCareSystem provides ultra-fast interim cleaning in approx. 12 minutes.

Increased productivity

When it comes to iDensityControl in the iCombi Pro, it’s all about intelligent climate management: the interaction between sensors in the cooking cabinet, active dehumidification and flow-optimised cooking cabinet geometry. This creates the climate that delivers extraordinary productivity and excellent cooking results.


Grill, roast, stew and much more.

More applications with the iCombi Pro.

Technical details and equipment.

Appetizers from the iCombi Pro.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Vegan, vegetarian, with meat. Large quantities, wide variety. No matter what you want to cook, the iCombi Pro can do it.

What is a combi-steamer?

A combi-steamer (also called hot-air steamers, combination steam-convection ovens, or simply combi ovens) is a cooking appliance that operates with both dry (like a convection oven) and moist heat (like a steamer). Thanks to its intelligence, the iCombi Pro automatically adjusts the cooking paths according to the food, the size, the condition and the desired result. This applies to vegetables, potatoes and pasta as well as meat, seafood and even baked goods. This gives the hospitality industry a great deal of flexibility, great variety and quality of food as well as improved economic efficiency. This makes a combi-steamer significantly superior to a convection oven that only uses hot air.

Why combine heat and moisture?

Air heats up faster than water, but also loses heat faster and conducts it poorly. However, when water vapour reaches the cooler food surface and condenses there, the heat transfer works much faster. The iCombi Pro uses this knowledge: The humid air is heated and the energy available in the steam is transferred to the food efficiently. In addition, the iCombi Pro automatically regulates the ratio of dry to moist heat, so that the best possible result is always achieved regardless of the food.

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10 years availability
of service parts.

RATIONAL guarantees 10 years of availability of all listed service parts. This means you benefit from a long service life, increase planning reliability and guarantee minimum downtimes.