Sous-vide cooking.

With the iVario.

Gentle cooking with the sous-vide function. Sous-vide, thanks to the gentle and healthy cooking, is an excellent cooking method for special diets and light cuisine.

Preserves the natural flavours.

For outstanding food quality. Whether it is fillets, leg of lamb, roast beef or spinach, you can cook delicate foods gently in vacuum bags using the iVario. Simply place the core temperature probe in the pan filled with water, and specify the size of the product and the desired temperature. The iVario will automatically suggest the minimum cooking time and then monitor the cooking process for you.

Water intake precise to the litre.

For more ergonomy and work safety. The iVario can be filled with water with precision to the litre, and can easily be emptied through the integrated water drain. So the bain marie for your sous-vide application is filled in no time and then quickly emptied again.