Low temperature cooking with the iVario.

Flexible. Delicious. Efficient.

For real change, carefully consider your options.

Why are kitchen appliances switched off after dark? Would it not be more efficient to cook overnight, or during quiet periods? With an iVario for example. Which is powerful, precise and works around the clock. Without supervision. Casseroles, braised dishes and stocks - RATIONAL low temperature cooking knows almost no limitations, only possibilities. For perfect and delicious results. With virtually no weight loss. Just as you want them thanks to the intelligence of the iVario. Time and time again.

Use day and night. Increasing your productivity. Even in your sleep, as the saying goes.


There are no time constraints for production, only results.

Minimal expense, maximum success with casseroles and braised lamb. You specify your desired result, done. The iVario will complete the rest: It preheats, supports you with searing and will alert you to add liquid. The meat is then gently braised, without any loss of quality. The cooking intelligence in the iVario monitors the temperature depending on the load size, the size and condition of the products. Tailored to your specifications. The result: succulent meat with delicious roasted flavours. The braised dish can be held for several hours without any loss of quality.

iVario 2-XS
With an additional software package, you can also expand the cooking ability of your iVario 2-XS. Your RATIONAL dealer will be happy to advise.

More quality: Minimise your costs, make efficient use of your cooking system and rely on excellent results.

Large joints.

For everyone with great ambitions.

The “low temperature cooking” function makes cooking joints a simple task. Pork, chicken, beef and lamb. Large and small joints. All according to your specifications and as you want. Sear the meat as usual, place it on the pan base grid, fill the pan with liquid, set the cooking level − and then go home. 14, 15 or more hours, not a problem, the result will be impeccable in its appearance and quality

This is how you benefit: You save on working time, and continue to have consistent quality results.


Classic cuisine, intelligently prepared.

Prime boiled beef, cured ham, beef brisket or turkey breast. The classics. Cooked gently. With a lot of flavour, with minimal effort. All you have to do is place the raw product in the iVario, select the result you want – the cooking system will regulate the rest itself. For example, it may use the RATIONAL delta-T method, whereby the low temperature at the beginning is sensitively raised together with the core temperature. For gentle cooking, for minimal shrinkage and for excellent food quality. If required, the food can also be held ready for serving for up to 23 hours without any loss of quality.

Stocks and broths.
Tedious preparation and physical exertion are now a thing of the past when preparing stocks and broths too, as these can be made in the iVario without any supervision.

Get more out of it. Less effort and raw materials. More flavour and customer compliments.


For outstanding food quality.

Healthy and easy to prepare. Meat, vegetables and fish using the sous-vide method. Sear the meat as usual, then vacuum pack together with a marinade or spices. Then cook at low temperature in the bain marie for an extended time. When the cooking temperature, such as in this method, is only slightly above the desired core temperature, the meat has a soft texture and the shrinkage is hardly noticeable. You can also cook different foods at the same time.

This is how you benefit: Flexible production, preservation of flavours and nutrients, excellent results – with minimal effort.


Easy preparation, exceptional flavour.

Typically French, typically delicious: confit. With this method, the food is placed in oil or in its own cooking fat and cooked at a constant temperature. The skill lies in letting the carrier fluid get hot enough to meet hygiene requirements on the one hand, however for many products, a certain core temperature must not be exceeded to ensure there is no loss in quality. The solution: Confit with the cooking intelligence of the iVario. Give pulled pork, duck legs, vegetables or even fish and crustaceans that special touch.

Something special. Tender meat, aromatic vegetables and perfectly cooked fish – a tasty experience that is easily prepared.