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The advantages at a glance.

Food quality.

The best food quality in the shortest possible time. No matter the food. The iHexagon is so intelligent that it adapts to the product.

Time savings.

Up to 30% faster than the iCombi Pro. Without any loss of quality. No queues for customers. Which means more revenue.


Microwave plus extra heating power means more throughput in the same time. At all six levels.


Large quantities, small quantities, different foods at the same time, fast replenishment, extended range of food. This is what the iHexagon means by flexibility.


Intelligent climate management for the best and fastest cooking results.

The iHexagon combines the best of combi-steamers and speed ovens: food quality and quantity on the one hand, and speed on the other. This is thanks to iClimateBoost, the centrepiece of the new model: It intelligently adjusts the steam, convection heat, microwave energy, fan wheel and time to suit the food.

Microwave technology on all levels.

Microwave technology is not new. But using it intelligently throughout the entire cooking cabinet? That’s revolutionary. And that’s where the iHexagon shines. Adjusting intelligently to the food. From the first rack to the last. For consistent results on all levels. For small and large quantities. In the shortest possible time.

Powerful heat output.

Microwave cooking means that food is heated quickly. Usually at the expense of browning and flavour. Not with the iHexagon. This is because the microwave energy is complemented by an unprecedented heating power. This ensures optimum browning and delicious flavours.

Hygienic fresh steam.

The iHexagon's steam generator also plays a role in the quality of its results by keeping the food hydrated while also preventing condensation buildup.


Monitoring and assistance.

Integrated cooking expertise.

The iCookingSuite delivers the desired result at the touch of a button. MyDisplay shows the most important food first. This makes the iHexagon easy to use, even for untrained staff.

Mixed loading.

Simultaneous cooking. Ready on time.

One of the strengths of iHexagon is the ability to cook different products at the same time thanks to iProductionManager. Because it uses microwave energy intelligently across all racks. It boosts your business.

Autonomous cleaning

Simple. Safe. Clean.

With iCareSystem AutoDose, cleaner and care cartridges are integrated into the cooking system and therefore securely contained. There is no contact with chemicals or storage of refill chemicals, and incorrect dosing is prevented. Instead, there is thorough cleanliness, impeccable hygiene, more occupational safety and yet lower costs.


Make your kitchen faster, easier, safer.

Get the most out of your iHexagon with ConnectedCooking, the digital kitchen management system, which distributes cooking programs, updates unit software, monitors unit availability, identifies energy-saving potential and documents HACCP data.

The core temperature probe.

Unique in microwave ovens.

Thanks to the core temperature probe, the iHexagon is always well informed about the food being cooked. The iHexagon can adjust its parameters based on the size, condition and cooking process. It couldn't be easier to achieve outstanding results in the shortest possible time.

The glass door.

So that you can keep an eye on things.

The iHexagon is fast, really fast. It has a large glass door that gives a clear view of the entire cooking cabinet. This gives you the peace of mind that you have everything under control.

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