Your new high performer.

As precise as it is fast.

iVarioBoost is the patented heating technology made from ceramic heating elements, which are connected with the fast-response, scratch-resistant pan base. The iVario Pro uniformly heats up the entire pan base to 200 °C in less than 2.5 minutes and where required reduces the temperature extremely fast. At the same time, there is enough reserve capacity available to quickly absorb temperature fluctuations when searing large quantities or adding liquid. For you this means maximum performance, but also no sticking or boiling over. As a result, the best food quality, more productivity, less roast losses and less energy consumption.

Pan structure.

The highly reactive, scratch-resistant pan base guarantees a robust surface and is optimally designed for extreme temperature fluctuations and physical demands. This prevents deformations and uneven energy distribution. The pan walls are not heated, which saves energy and protects against burns.


Numerous highly sensitive sensors measure and regulate the temperature on the pan base every second and this enables regulation with precision to the degree. This means that the temperature can be kept constant at all times both on the pan base and in the cooking medium such as water or oil. For consistent high quality, without supervision.

Heating elements.

The iVarioBoost heating system consists of multiple full surface intelligently-regulated ceramic heating elements, which optimally distribute the required heat to the pan and as such provide the energy exactly where and when it is needed. This means you can rely on the same performance both for part or full loads. This ensures everything is cooked evenly, nothing sticks and nothing boils over.

Energy management.

The new intelligent energy management system assesses the energy requirements and retrieves exactly the right amount of energy. This means the connected load and installation costs as well as energy consumption can be reduced. Without any compromise on the cooking result thanks to the reserve capacity.