Humble Bowls to Nationwide Applause:
Celebrating National Curry Week 2023.

Exploring the history of National Curry Week with RATIONAL's iVario Pro.

The mere mention of the word 'curry' conjures a symphony of flavours and culinary traditions that resonate deeply with food enthusiasts worldwide. The rich tapestry of this beloved dish, ranging from the vibrant streets of Asia to the bustling heart of the UK, is a testament to the cultural diversity and passion surrounding it.

National Curry Week in the UK runs from the 2nd to the 8th of October and provides an invaluable opportunity to explore an array of exquisite curries from all around the world. Founded by journalist Peter Grove, a self-proclaimed curry aficionado, National Curry Week aims to honour Indian cuisine and has now reached its 25th anniversary, allowing the event to serve as a means to fundraise for charities and commemorate the nation's favourite dish.

RATIONAL's iVario Pro: The Epitome of Efficiency in Curry Creation.

From a simple chicken curry to a fiery Thai red curry, RATIONAL's iVario Pro stands as the key to efficient curry preparation. Offering unparalleled intelligence, the advanced bratt pan determines optimal cooking conditions based on food size and quantity, ensuring consistent results. Tailored to individual preferences, the iVario Pro monitors the degree of doneness and alerts the user when the next step of the cooking programme is ready, significantly reducing kitchen preparation time, a crucial factor in the culinary world where consistency reigns supreme.

Get Involved: National Curry Week Recipes.

We’re excited to share 2 brand new recipes with you, crafted by RATIONAL Ambassador Rehan Uddin. Watch as he prepares a fantastic Bengali chicken curry and a delicious vegan curry, and then recreate the dishes using our recipe library on ConnectedCooking , RATIONALs Digital Kitchen Management Platform.

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