Save energy in 10 steps.

Saving energy is beneficial for the environment. It saves money. So it’s a good thing. However, where do you start? Perhaps with these 10 tips.

1. Identify the energy guzzlers.

Almost 80 per cent* of annual energy costs in the hospitality industry are due to energy-inefficient food preparation and storage. So: Food production must be more efficient.

2. Don't just look at the connected loads.

When purchasing new kitchen equipment, it is also important to consider parameters such as heating times and cooking performance. Because sometimes usage is not as obvious as you think.

3. Use intelligently regulated and above all network-compatible cooking systems.

This will ensure the cooking cabinet temperature is precisely regulated, which avoids excessive temperatures. And you can collect, analyse and optimise your usage data.

4. Do not switch on the units until immediately before use.

Modern combi-steamers and multifunctional cooking appliances usually heat up very quickly, which saves more than you might think.

5. Don't wait any longer – load right away.

The best time is as soon as the unit has preheated*. This will avoid idling with heated units, as these are not necessary thanks to the short heating times.

6. Avoid opening the cooking cabinet for long, or unnecessary periods. *

This reduces additional energy usage. Note: A combi-steamer is at its best when the door is closed.

7. Use the modern production methods of a combi-steamer.

Cook several foods at the same time. This saves several kitchen appliances and therefore energy.

8. Make a production schedule.

This will avoid expensive energy peak loads*. This will reduce electricity costs in no time at all.

9. Service your combi-steamer regularly.

Because professional preventive care not only maintains performance and safety, but the cooking system then also runs as energy-efficiently as possible.

10. Check the door gasket regularly.

To prevent heat from escaping through porous material. This is immediately noticeable in your energy bills.

A pro tip: ConnectedCooking.

Measure and control your usage with the ConnectedCooking digital kitchen management system and quickly identify where you can save energy.

* Calculated energy usage can be viewed free of charge from iCombi Pro and SelfCookingCenter in ConnectedCooking , the digital kitchen management system from RATIONAL, and the potential energy savings identified.

Experience energy saving live.