Food Trends 2018.
What's cooking there?

There's always a new trend in food too - which is why we have put together the three most important ones in 2018 for you. Learn something new, come back to some familiar topics, and see how variety, freshness and health are taking over the plate.

Trend 1 - Bowl it!

The concept is simple as it is genius: the customer finds their ingredients from a selection in a counter, service puts them all in a bowl, adds the right dressing or topping - done.

Nothing new? True, since bowls have been around in professional kitchens for some time. But the content of the bowls is new, such as Poké. Poké, a salad with raw fish, originates from Hawaii and has conquered kitchens worldwide via California. Other than fish, the ingredients used are avocado, citrus fruit, seaweed and nuts; there are endless possible combinations, let your imagination run wild. Poké is therefore a raw foods trend, but at RATIONAL we serve the dish with raw tuna and lightly grilled salmon.


Trend 2 - The kale sandwich done differently.

There are dishes that simply never go out of fashion because they are so versatile. One of these is the sandwich. But cheese, white bread, salad, tomato and mayonnaise are a thing of the past.

Today sandwiches are a rather rustic-modern affair and come with side dishes for a delicious lunch, such as red cabbage salad and crispy baked kale in the form of chips instead of fries. Or toasted rye bread, grilled antipasti and avocado cream. If only lunchtime could never end.


Trend 3 - Fish meets superfoods.

Our suggestion: a combination of delicious monkfish fillet and turmeric and a crisp aromatic superfood salad.

The monkfish is marinated with citrus juice and turmeric, also a superfood. The salad includes gherkin, pepper and radish, goji berries and pomegranate seeds along with pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, ginger and grape seed oil. This dish is packed with secondary plant substances, antioxidants and polyphenols. Sounds a little strange, but tastes wonderful!


What are superfoods exactly?

The term superfoods has been around for many years, but has only recently become trendy. Superfoods are foods which have a higher than average level of nutritive and vital substances, keep you healthy or even cure disease. They do not necessarily taste good - here we will of course concentrate on the delicious examples.

Superfoods are still a trend you can hardly get around. Used cleverly, not only can superfoods enrich many dishes nutritionally, but also give them an extra little something with special aromas or textures.

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