Catering in education

Healthy. Delicious. Diverse.

Eating must be fun, eating must be healthy.

Preschools and schools are reevaluating things. Pasta, chips and pizza are increasingly considered outdated choices, as they have too much fat, too much sugar and are too unhealthy. It's all about new ideas - the menu now includes vegetables, wholegrain products and lean meat. This is because healthy nutrition is the basis for healthy development. At the same time the menu choices have to be delicious. in spite of having a low budget, experiencing staff shortages and a minimal working space. Intelligent technology will support this by taking on work, thinking with you and producing the desired result time and time again.

Smart cooking: Intelligent cooking systems will help you to serve healthy and delicious food. With no additional work, no added costs and no fuss.

The iCombi Pro.

Delicious and healthy menu choices, it is that easy.

A cooking system that thinks with you, learns from you, forgets nothing, adjusts and adapts. Which can prepare 90 % of all foods. Which saves space and investment costs. Because it can bake, fry, grill and steam. Because thanks to its intelligence assistance functions, it responds to all changing requirements dynamically. More meals than usual? Frozen food? Has the cooking cabinet door been open too long? Here too, the iCombi Pro never loses sight of the desired result and adjusts the settings independently.

Essentially, the iCombi Pro has only one task: Reliably delivering consistently good results. It is therefore equipped with a whole lot of intelligence and impresses with productivity, simplicity and quality. For example, it recognises whether it is going to cook one or 200 chicken escalopes and regulates everything automatically. Or it supports you with time or energy-optimised production plans. For the most optimal buffet service for example.

Everything for the one goal: So you can keep on impressing your small customers with outstanding ideas.

Flavour is the key here.

With consistent high quality results.

Fresh, convenience, frozen. Meat, fish, poultry, side dishes. The iCombi Pro can do it all. Perfection in no time at all. Finally, the cooking system recognises the condition and size of the food and adjusts the cooking process accordingly. So that the broccoli stays green, the pasta is cooked al dente, the turkey steak gets delicious grill stripes. Everything is always consistently high quality. With the iProductionManager, you can even prepare different foods at the same time. It's that simple.

Peace of mind: You can concentrate on child-friendly recipes, the iCombi Pro will produce meals that are tasty with flawless hygiene.

Keep it colourful.

With vitamins you can taste.

Colourful, healthy and delicious is how school lunches should be served. Every day. For every age group. 95 %* less fat, up to 40 %* fewer calories, less food waste, less over-production, less running costs. Plus more vitamins, colour, minerals and flavour. Because the iCombi Pro has intelligent systems, which perfectly regulate the temperature and steam, for food that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Which adjust the cooking paths to changed conditions and to ensure an optimal desired result. Also allowing for flexibility in production for the exact quantities.

* Compared to conventional cooking technology.

This is how you benefit: With the iCombi Pro, you can create more efficiency and cost transparency without having to compromise on quality.

To keep your mind at ease.

Top marks in hygiene and safety.

Food safety and work safety are important. Especially when catering for schools and preschools. And this is exactly why you can also rely on the iCombi Pro here. When it comes to automatic HACCP documentation that saves data for 10 days. When it comes to hygienically brilliant cleaning with the iCareSystem, which recognises the level of soiling and suggests the corresponding cleaning program including the quantity of cleaner. When it comes to your work safety, which is guaranteed thanks to the low rack height of no more than 1.60 m. Also when it comes to easy operation, which virtually eliminates errors and as such guarantees that all food have a hygienically safe core temperature.

Play it safe: The iCombi Pro meets international standards in terms of hygiene. Everything is documented. To keep your mind at ease.

More ideas. More efficiency.

Training with RATIONAL.

The iCombi Pro is self-explanatory and can easily be operated error-free following a brief induction. Tailored to your own food concept or one created by RATIONAL, we will train you and your employees so that everything works smoothly and only desired results are produced.

For your success.

Individual training, motivated employees and satisfied children.

Tailored concepts.

For a good relationship between children and food.

Even healthy food is fun. With a diverse dishes, fancy ideas and unusual trends. It can be helpful to regularly revise concepts, generate input and implement new ideas. For lunch, the snack in between, or the additional business with freshly baked goods. This is precisely where RATIONAL is there for you. With know-how. With the necessary expertise. With many new ideas. Always on the basis of what has already been created together.

What will the future bring?

A wide variety of new ideas and concepts, so that you can continue keeping the children happy.

A worthwhile investment.

For the environment, the cash flow and the future.

Get an idea of the savings you can achieve by integrating one or more iCombi Pro units. You will save a lot of space: Your kitchen can be up to 60 %* smaller. Investment costs too: With one iCombi Pro, there are a lot of other cooking appliances you don’t need to buy. Also the environment: Sustainable production and low energy consumption of the cooking system on the one hand. With less over-production, less consumption of fat and less working time on the other hand. Together this is a major plus for your cash flow and the environment.

* Compared to conventional cooking technology

For the sake of the balance sheet: It saves a lot of money. as well as energy and water.
Costs per meal Average cost of goods
Conventional kitchen technology * £ 1.84
iCombi Pro £ 1.47
Costs per meal Energy and water
Conventional kitchen technology * £ 0.07
iCombi Pro £ 0.06
Costs per meal Labour costs per meal
Conventional kitchen technology * £ 0.32
iCombi Pro £ 0.22
Costs per meal Staff costs
Conventional kitchen technology * £ 0.41
iCombi Pro £ 0.41
Costs per meal Cleaning, care and repairs
Conventional kitchen technology * £ 0.15
iCombi Pro £ 0.06
Costs per meal Operating costs
Conventional kitchen technology * £ 0.34
iCombi Pro £ 0.31
Costs per meal Total
Conventional kitchen technology * £0.04
iCombi Pro £0.04

* without a combi-steamer

Other services.


Many units, but everything at a glance with just a click.

Networking is also becoming more prevalent in industry catering: Menus, payment systems and purchasing, a lot of it has gone digital and is synchronised. Just like ConnectedCooking by RATIONAL. Recipe transfer, unit control, hygiene data, software updates and service remote access - with the secure networking solution you can control everything centrally from your desk. For all connected units. Regardless of how far away the schools or preschools are. You can also access and save HACCP data from all units. Do you have new recipes? They can also travel to the kitchens with just a click. All you need is a PC, smartphone or tablet. Standardisation does not get easier than that.

Powerful networking by RATIONAL. Always keeps everything under control.

Service Plus.

The beginning of a wonderful friendship.

The right service makes the RATIONAL cooking system and your kitchen a complete success. From the initial consultation, the trial cooking, installation to the individual start training and software updates, plus the ChefLine, the telephone hotline for individual questions - RATIONAL has it all. Or you can attend training at the Academy RATIONAL. At the same time, you can contact a certified RATIONAL dealer at any time: They know all the cooking systems by heart and will find the right one for your kitchen. The worldwide RATIONAL Service team is always close at hand in case of emergencies.


All with a single objective. Ensuring your investment pays off in the long term, that you always get the most out of your cooking systems and that you never run out of ideas.

iCombi live.

Don't just listen to us, try it for yourself.

Enough with the theory, time for practice because nothing is more convincing than seeing for yourself. experience the RATIONAL cooking systems in use, see the intelligent functions for yourself and try it out to see how you can work with them. Live, with no obligation and at a location near you. Do you have any questions or do you want some information specific to your needs and possible applications? Then call us or send us an e-mail.

Overview of models.

Which one is the right one for you?


The right ingredients for your success.