Food to go.

Delicious refuelling.

Loyal customers.

Find them and keep them.

More single households, more busy professionals and more flexible working hours. Eating habits are changing: Mealtimes are shifting and becoming more individual. At the same time, there is little time for cooking. The solution is ready-to-eat fresh products. But not just anything food. It has to be healthy, innovative, varied, fresh, cold or hot. It also has to be quick. Whilst always maintaining the same quality. Sandwiches, wraps, sushi, bowls, baked goods. Ordered now, ready now. How do you do that? With something that knows the rules. Because it is intelligent. Because it is flexible, adapts to your concepts and brings with it new ideas. Around the clock. Like the iCombi Pro.

Create customer experiences. With interesting concepts and offering a wide variety of food choices.

Retail Expert Summit by RATIONAL

Our Retail Expert Summit was all about bringing together best in class case studies, showcasing best in class stores, and helping to provide better frameworks for long term food to go growth. Our guests heard from some of Europe’s best food to go retailers, and learned more about the shape of the future market opportunity.

Benjamin Nothaft
Robert J. C. Munday

Intro Retail Expert Summit

Scott Annan
Blue Ananta / Consulting

Understanding the broader food opportunity

Gavin Rothwell
Food Future Insights founder

The opportunity for food-to-go in retail

Thomas Ennis
CEO Thomas Ennis Group / Owner at Spar, Maxol, FüDI Delis

Delivering winning food-to-go in retail

Marijke Streng
Lead Foodservice Albert Heijn

Delivering winning food-to-go in retail

Mike Fogarty
CEO and Founder at Choice

The new convenience opportunity

Nathan Watts
Creative Director at Interstore | Schweitzer

Designing stores of the future


Find out more.

Others also report on this event. You can find out here what interesting details and background information they know.

Advice and design.

From hard competition to a rich source of revenue.

Off-the-shelf concepts are rarely successful. Individual advice is the important ingredient to success. Tailored to your key issues. Focussing on your needs. Whether you have one or multiple locations. Regardless of whether you require support at one or multiple locations. It is not pizza and a sandwich that will be the key to your success, but full concepts and to a high standard of quality. Concepts that are consistently implemented.

This is how you benefit: Experienced contact, individual consultation and specific implementation.

The iCombi Pro.

Expect the unexpected.

Efficiency reinterpreted: Roasting, grilling, baking, boiling - intelligently regulated. On less than 1 m2. Humidity, air speed, temperature - carefully coordinated. In a unit that thinks with you, learns from you, forgets nothing, adjusts and adapts. Thanks to its intelligent assistant functions, it responds to all changing requirements dynamically. Is the bakery product frozen? Has the cooking cabinet door been open too long? Need to heat up quickly? High temperature? The iCombi Pro never loses sight of the desired result and adjusts the settings independently.

Essentially, the iCombi Pro has only one task: Reliably delivering consistently good results. It is therefore equipped with a whole lot of intelligence and impresses with productivity, simplicity and quality. For example, it recognises whether it is going to cook one or 20 burger patties and regulates everything automatically. Or it supports you with time or energy-optimised production plans. For the best way to stock the grab & go station for example.

Everything for the one goal: So you can keep on impressing your customers with outstanding food variety.

Intelligent cooking.

There's never enough of the good things.

Snacks, big bites, finger food are some of your menu offerings. How about chicken breast? Crispy on the outside, succulent on the inside. This gives you profitable additional business with individual creations. Always with the same consistent quality. With the iCookingSuite. Which has intelligent cooking paths to produce your desired result easily and reliably. Eliminating substandard products and food waste. Even with bread, bread rolls and buns.

Differentiate yourself: Stand out from the crowded market with individual products and services. Around the clock.

Set a new snacking standard.

Delicious, varied and quick.

Mini-meals are the latest trend and hold potential for significant revenue growth. It has to be healthy and tastes good too. Hip, innovative, varied, quick are the criteria according to which customers judge their bowls, pocket meals and wraps. Fulfil their requirements without additional effort, with consistency, no matter who operates the unit. With the iProductionManager. Which tells you what you can cook together and suggests the time or energy-optimised order. Frozen goods, fresh products, pastries, sides, one or more trays – none of it a problem. Simply enter the desired result, start the baking path, done. For fast restocking, for delicious mixed loads. Even in front cooking areas, as the iCombi Pro has its own exhaust hood, which eliminates the need for an extraction system.

It doesn't get any easier than this. Stand out from the rest, spoil your customers with a variety of products. Without additional equipment.

How to surpass yourself.

Without having to do much.

Nobody would have expected this: Thai curry, dim sum, and falafel. Or how about chips? But with low fat! It is so easy to prepare a wide variety of foods on the table with minimal effort at any time of the day. To prepare large batches in reserve and then offer them as needed. Such as with Finishing, the consistent separation of production and service. Simply at the touch of a button. Also applies to convenience products. You can produce your food in a dedicated central production kitchen, then distribute it for sale to your customers at other locations.

Impress with quality. Serve your food, fresh, hot and always in the right quantity.


Good for the environment, better for the cash flow.

Sustainability protects resources and saves money: Energy-efficient production and logistics, new standards of energy-saving are taken into consideration at RATIONAL. Equally, sustainability is just as much of a given with the iCombi Pro in your kitchen. Compared to conventional kitchen appliances, you will save energy. You will also have a lower cost of goods. Less over-production. Finally you will cook more healthily.

For the sake of the environment. You can cook healthily whilst maintaining an environmental balance.


You can look at it from any angle you want: The numbers work.

The iCombi Pro cooks intelligently and also saves intelligently. Such as in energy consumption, workload, space requirement, consumption of raw materials and consumption of fat. In short, The results are impressive.

Up to 70 %* lower energy costs

Short preheating times eliminate the need for standby mode. Rolling loads with the iProductionManager in the iCombi Pro also save energy.

Less working time

It eliminates the need for routine tasks such as turning, checking and readjustment. The ultra-fast clean in the Combi Pro saves more time. It creates 1-2 hours* more time per day for other things.

30 %* less space requirement

The iCombi Pro replaces approx. 90 % of conventional kitchen equipment. So out with the tilting pan, pots, pans and deep-fat fryer – and in with freedom of movement. Or additional shop space.

Up to 25 %* less consumption of raw materials

The iCombi Pro sensitively adjusts its cooking processes which reduces weight and cutting loss. It also produces the same high quality on every single rack, which considerably reduces waste. Overall, this reduces the consumption of raw materials.

* Compared to conventional cooking technology

It pays off. The bottom line is the extremely quick amortisation, but it's also fun to work with.

Step by step.

Shaping the future together.

Loyal customers, new customers, casual customers – they all want to be surprised. Time and time again. It is becoming more and more important to regularly revise concepts, generate input and implement new ideas. This applies to opening times, shop design and the range of food. This is precisely why RATIONAL is there for you. With know-how. With the necessary expertise. With one flexible unit. With many new ideas.

What will the future bring? All sorts of new ideas and concepts, so you can keep on creating experiences.


All under control.

Networking is progressing everywhere: Cash register system, merchandise management, HR planning, payment app - it all runs digitally, and it is all synchronised. Just like ConnectedCooking by RATIONAL. Recipe transfer, unit control, hygiene data, software updates and service remote access - with the secure networking solution you can control everything from your desk. For all connected units. In all branches. You can also access and save HACCP data from all units. Do you have new dishes? Their recipes can also travel to the branches at a click. All you need is a PC, smartphone or tablet. Standardisation does not get easier than that.

Powerful networking by RATIONAL. Always keeps everything under control.

Always ready to go.

Top marks in hygiene.

A hygienic interim clean in approx. 12 minutes or a brilliant clean, even overnight, with iCareSystem. Very simple and safe with the phosphate-free cleaner tabs. With a cleaning program that remembers your preferences and automatically starts your desired program the next time. Even the fresh steam generator is automatically descaled so that the units can generally be connected to a drinking water or soft water feed.

Play it safe.
Easy and quick to keep clean. To keep your mind at ease. For more time for your customers.

Training with RATIONAL.

For a successful concept.

The iCombi Pro is self-explanatory and can easily be operated error-free following a brief induction. Tailored to your own food concept or one created by RATIONAL, we will train you and your employees so that everything works smoothly and only desired results are produced.

Training with RATIONAL

  • Worldwide installation by certified RATIONAL Service Partners
  • Worldwide roll-out
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Start training at your premises
  • Regular revision and updating of your concepts


We've thought of everything.

At RATIONAL, service is included. From the initial consultation, the test cook, test unit, installation to the worldwide training and automatic software updates, and ChefLine - the telephone hotline for individual questions. You can also attend training on various subjects, such as finishing, at the Academy RATIONAL. The worldwide RATIONAL Service team is always close at hand in case of emergencies.

All with a single objective.
Ensuring your investment pays off in the long term, that you always get the most out of your cooking systems and that you never run out of ideas.