The new supremacy.

In mise en place and à la carte.

Life in the kitchen: the stress and rush to get everything ready at the same time and on time. A logistical challenge. No more. Because now the iCombi Pro with the iProductionManager are taking over and making mixed loading a breeze. Simply place the ticket on the display and it will show you what else you can produce at the same time. The iProductionManager will monitor each rack individually, so that the cooking times are adjusted intelligently to the quantity and desired result. You decide whether you want the food to start cooking at the same time, or finish cooking at the same time. Either way, the iCombi Pro will tell you when something needs to go into the cooking cabinet - et voilà: the food is ready.


The iProductionManager helps you organise à la carte, mise en place and complex production runs intelligently and flexibly: Cooking different products at the same time, time or energy-optimised production, organising an efficient food sequence or keeping to a specified production time. Without any loss of quality in the results.

Easy à la carte.

Many customer requests, one unit: with the iProductionManager you can prepare different foods in a single cooking cabinet at the same time. Pan-fried, steamed, grilled or deep-fried - the iProductionManager monitors every tray and shows you what you can cook at the same time. Simply drag the ticket to the desired rack and the iProductionManager will make sure everything is cooked optimally. It takes into consideration the load size and even door openings, and adjusts the cooking times intelligently. This enables you to keep track at all times and to rely on a high standard of quality. If you want, you can use multiple time tickets in the iProductionManager and monitor the trays manually.

One rack, two trays.

The iProductionManager gives even more flexibility with two sheets or two different food components per tray: so load one level with two different foods if you need, and both will be monitored by the iProductionManager separately. The practical lengthwise insertion means every component can be prepared with their own accessory with the ½ GN accessory.

Production planning.

Good planning makes life in the kitchen stress-free. You can therefore plan the entire production run exactly with the iProductionManager. Tell the cooking system directly which foods you want to prepare, and whether you want to cook them time-optimised or energy-optimised. The iProductionManager will tell you which products can be cooked in which order or at the same time in the iCombi Pro. It places the tickets on the appropriate trays automatically. The cooking system will only call you when it needs to be loaded or unloaded. The rest is automatic. You have full control of production at all times, minimal monitoring and even untrained staff can work smoothly. All for more flexibility and high efficiency.