Low temperature cooking with the iCombi Pro.

Gentle. Delicious. Safe.

Just imagine!

Someone takes care of your jobs.

An iCombi Pro works precisely, reliably and around the clock. Without supervision and even overnight. Large roasts, braised dishes, boiled meat – RATIONAL low temperature cooking makes this possible. Cooked to perfection, very tender and juicy right from the first to the last tray. The gentle cooking process reduces shrinkage to a minimum. Thanks to the intelligence of the iCombi Pro, you can be sure to achieve the result you imagine. Time and time again.

More quality. Add more flavour to your products. Even in your sleep, as the saying goes.

Large roasts.

For everyone with great ambition.

Add some variety to the menu with the “low temperature cooking” function. Whether part, full or mixed. Roast pork with crackling, roast beef, roast lamb, roast turkey, duck or goose. Large and small roasts. All based to your specifications and as you want. You specify the browning and cooking level, done. The iCombi Pro will do the rest.

After preheating, place the raw meat pieces in the cooking cabinet and it will be browned automatically. The cooking cabinet temperature will then be quickly reduced and the meat cooked gently then held. Even the most tough cuts of meat become succulently tender and juicy. Once the meat is ready, it can still be held for several hours. Flawless presentation and quality.

This is how you benefit: Mixed loads. Tender, juicy and cooked when the iCombi Pro has time.

Braised dishes.

Tender meat. Wonderful aroma.

Minimal effort, maximum result. You specify your desired result, done. The iCombi Pro will do the rest. Preheat, sear the meat on high heat and signal to add liquid. The meat is then braised gently because the cooking cabinet temperature, humidity and air speed are tailored to each dish. The result. Succulent meat with delicious roasted flavours. The braised dish can be held for several hours without any loss of quality. You can even braise different dishes at the same time, if necessary.

As easy as that: Juicy and aromatic meat. Prepared effortlessly.

Simmering meat.

Classic dishes, done in a modern way.

Prime boiled beef, cured ham, beef brisket or turkey breast. The classics. Cooked gently. With a lot of food, with minimal effort. All you have to do is place the raw product in the iCombi Pro, select the desired result you want – the cooking system will regulate the rest itself. For example, it may use the RATIONAL delta-T method, whereby the very low cooking cabinet temperature at the beginning is sensitively raised together with the core temperature. For gentle cooking, for minimal shrinkage and for outstanding food quality. If required, the food can also be held ready for consumption for several hours without any loss of quality.

Get more out of it Less effort and raw materials. More flavour and customer compliments.