Declaration of Compliance for the business year 2019.

Declaration in accordance with section 161 of the AktG and declaration of conformity with the German Corporate Governance Code.

The Executive Board and the Supervisory Board of RATIONAL AG, Landsberg am Lech, hereby declare in accordance with section 161 of the AktG that, since the last declaration of conformity was submitted in February 2019, the recommendations of the Government Commission for a German Corporate Governance Code (as amended and published in the Federal Gazette on 24 April 2017) have been and are being complied with, with the following exceptions:

Number 4.2.3 (2) sentence 3 of the Code:

Number 4.2.3: “Variable remuneration components generally have a multiple-year assessment basis that shall have essentially forward-looking characteristics.”

The variable components of Executive Board remuneration as agreed in the existing employment contracts with members of the Executive Board comprise various elements of the company’s long-term success, but do not specifically stipulate a multi-year assessment basis. The Supervisory Board of RATIONAL AG regards sustainable company development as a matter of course. In a continuous process, milestones for the annual variable remuneration components of the members of the Executive Board are derived from the corporate strategy.

Numbers 4.2.4 and 4.2.5 of the Code:

Number 4.2.4: “The total compensation of each one of the members of the Management Board is to be disclosed by name, divided into fixed and variable compensation components. The same applies to promises of benefits that are granted to a Management Board member in case of premature or statutory termination of the function of a Management Board member or that have been changed during the financial year. Disclosure is dispensed with if the General Meeting has passed a resolution to this effect by three-quarters majority.”

Number 4.2.5: “Disclosure shall be made in the Notes or the Management Report. A compensation report as part of the Management Report outlines the compensation system for Management Board members. The outline shall be presented in a generally understandable way.

The compensation report shall also include information on the nature of the fringe benefits provided by the company.

In addition, the remuneration report shall present the following information for every Management Board member:

  • the benefits granted for the year under review including the fringe benefits, and including the maximum and minimum achievable compensation for variable compensation components;
  • the allocation of fixed compensation, short-term variable compensation and long-term variable compensation for the year under review, broken down into the relevant reference years;
  • for pension provisions and other benefits, the service cost in/for the year under review.

The model tables provided in the appendix shall be used to present this information.”

On May 4, 2016, the General Meeting of Shareholders of RATIONAL AG resolved to dispense with the publication of individualised figures for Executive Board remuneration in accordance with section 286 (5) of the Handelsgesetzbuch (HGB, German Commercial Code). This resolution of the General Meeting will be in effect for five years. Disclosure of the variable remuneration broken down by short-term and long-term components will not be made.

Number 5.1.2 (1) sentence 2 and (2) sentence 3 of the Code:

Number 5.1.2 (1) sentence 2: “When appointing the Management Board, the Supervisory Board shall also respect diversity.”

Number 5.1.2 (2) sentence 3: “An age limit for members of the Management Board shall be specified.”

The Supervisory Board and Executive Board expressly welcome all efforts to counter any form of discrimination and to promote diversity in a reasonable manner. When appointing members of the Executive Board, the special skills and qualifications of the candidate are the only decisive criterion for the Supervisory Board. Other attributes such as gender or national identity have not been and will not be of any consequence for this decision.

No age limit has been specified for members of the Executive Board, and the Supervisory Board believes that this would not be in the interest of the Company. Executive Board members are appointed solely on the basis of their ability to run the Company successfully. Just because someone reaches a specific age does not generally mean that he or she loses this ability. Moreover, a rigid age limit could be discriminatory.

Number 5.3.3 of the Code (Formation of committees):

“The Supervisory Board shall form a nomination committee composed exclusively of shareholder representatives which recommends suitable Supervisory Board candidates for the proposals of the Supervisory Board to the General Meeting.”

The Supervisory Board formed an Audit Committee in 2015. The Supervisory Board does not believe that the establishment of a nomination committee is necessary. With a seven-member Supervisory Board, efficient discussions and lively exchanges of views on suitable candidates for nomination by the Supervisory Board to the General Meeting of Shareholders can also be held in the plenary session. Moreover, the fact that the Supervisory Board of RATIONAL AG is not subject to co-determination obviates the need to form a nomination committee that consists exclusively of shareholder representatives.

Number 5.4.1 (2) sentences 1 and 2 and (4) sent ences 1 and 2 of the Code:

Number 5.4.1 (2) sentence 1: “The Supervisory Board shall determine concrete objectives regarding its composition, and shall prepare a profile of skills and expertise for the entire Board.”

Number 5.4.1 (2) sentence 2: “Within the company-specific situation the composition of the Supervisory Board shall reflect appropriately the international activities of the company, potential conflicts of interest, the number of independent Supervisory Board members within the meaning of number 5.4.2, an age limit and a regular limit to Supervisory Board members’ term of office, both to be specified, as well as diversity.”

Number 5.4.1 (4) sentence 1: “Proposals by the Supervisory Board to the General Meeting shall take these targets into account, while simultaneously aiming at fulfilling the overall profile of required skills and expertise of the Supervisory Board.”

Number 5.4.1 (4) sentence 2: “The implementation status shall be published in the Corporate Governance Report.”

The composition of the Supervisory Board of RATIONAL AG is guided by the Company’s interests and guarantees that the Executive Board is effectively monitored and advised. The candidates for election to the Supervisory Board are selected exclusively on the basis of knowledge, skills and experience. Other attributes such as gender or national identity have not been and will not be of any consequence. No age limit has been specified for Supervisory Board members, nor has a regular limit of length of membership of the Supervisory Board. Nominations to the General Meeting of Shareholders are based exclusively on the knowledge, skills and experience of the candidates in question. The intention is to continue to abide by this policy in future in order to retain experience and skills for the benefit of the Company.

Landsberg am Lech, 29 January 2020
RATIONAL Aktiengesellschaft

Corporate governance.