The iCombi Pro’s WOW effects.

Your benefits.

Your investment.
Your peace of mind.

Savings in operating and maintenance costs, and in descaling. Resulting in a longer service life. Together, this makes a safe investment.

Simple to use.
For Everybody.

Intuitive, individual and connected – these are the characteristics of the iCombi Pro's operating concept. This makes induction times short.

Just like new.

Automatic cleaning, phosphate-free cleaner, HACCP data recording. Everything for hygienic safety. Their kitchen’s hygiene is in great hands.

Efficient workflows.
For your team.

Preparation time, preparation sequence – it all runs smoothly. With overnight cooking, mixed loads and standardised quality.

Amazing results.
For your guests.

Colour, texture, evenness across all racks, preservation of nutrients and vitamins – always the same, always good.

Saves time.
Your time.

Takes off the pressure, works efficiently, is productive and reliable - the iCombi Pro does it all.