iVario Pro: The multifunctional cooking system.

The game changer for the professional kitchen.

Deep fat fryer, stove, pot, pan, pressure cooker, bain marie, tilting pan and boiler all in one cooking system.

Lack of space. Rising costs. Skills shortages. Increasing quality requirements. RATIONAL offers the solution to many challenges in the foodservice industry with the multifunctional iVario Pro kitchen appliance: All models replace industrial deep fat fryers, catering ranges and professional frying pans. The larger models also have a tilting fryer and a boiler.

Whether it’s boiling, frying, deep frying, low-temperature cooking, pressure cooking or sous-vide cooking, all these applications will require only one cooking system in the future – the iVario Pro.

The iVario Pro also guarantees excellent food quality at all times and does so up to 4 times as fast using up to 40% less energy than conventional kitchen equipment.

Benefits to you.

Rely on iVario Pro to optimise your professional kitchen:

  • Consistently high food quality
  • Perfect results
  • Precise temperature management
  • No sticking or boiling over
  • Saves you time, money, space and energy
  • Large quantities of food in a short time
  • Short heat-up times
  • Efficient cleaning
  • Intuitive operation
  • Investment peace of mind

Discover the four iVario Pro models - the multifunctional cooking system for professional kitchens.

Cook up to 4 times as fast using 40% less energy.

The iVario Pro is an essential part of any professional kitchen. Whether it's in a restaurant or industry catering. For 50 or 500 meals a day. Find the right model for your needs.

The iVario Pro in a restaurant.

Stove, pot, pan, deep-fat fryer, pressure cooker and bain-marie.

With the iVario Pro 2-S and 2-XS models, we have the right equipment for your restaurant business. Whether mise en place or à la carte, the iVario Pro adapts to your challenges. Put the game changer in your restaurant kitchen. Make your workflow faster and easier. With excellent food quality.

The iVario in catering.

Tilting pan, boiler and pressure cooker.

With the iVario Pro L and XL models, we have the right equipment for your industry catering business. Whether in canteens, schools or catering events, the iVario Pro is an indispensable partner in commercial kitchens. Discover the game changer for industry catering. Produce large quantities in a short time and with consistent quality.

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