Efficient flexibility.

Best results in all areas.

Flexibility - because normal is the exception. Fish, meat and vegetables. Rare, medium and well done. Extra hot, no salt. All required now, all at the same time, all fresh, all different. Flexibility - a must in industry catering. For special dietary needs, for extra requests or for staff catering. Kitchens now need to produce dishes reliably, quickly, efficiently. That's exactly what iZoneControl is for. It enables you to divide the pan base into up to four zones, and you can choose the size, position and shape as you want. You can now cook the same or different foods in a single pan. Simultaneously or on a time delay, at the same or a different temperature. With a core probe, or by time. In any case, without supervision and without additional kitchen equipment. Also with consistent high quality and delicious results.


With iZoneControl you can divide the pan base into individual heating zones and operate these with different temperatures; unused surface can even stay cold. You start the intelligent cooking path for each zone and the pan base now automatically has the temperature required for your desired result. Also iZoneControl makes suggestions as to which zone is best for your foods, you can work even more efficiently. For you, this means high flexibility, time savings and always having everything under control.

Division of pan zones.

The iVario can be divided into up to four independent zones of any size. With the iVario XS (optional) and the iVario Pro 2-S for example, the left pan gets three zones and the right one gets one zone. Or vice versa. Or even two zones on either side. With the large iVario Pro, the entire pan base can be divided into four zones.

The shape, size and position of each zone can be selected freely. This gives you the greatest possible flexibility with just one pan base. The display shows the entire pan base divided into the relevant heating surfaces. With your fingertip, mark which areas are to be put together into one zone. Your benefit: maximum flexibility, ease of use.

Intelligent user guidance.

The intelligent user guidance gives you suggestions on the display as to which foods can be cooked together. The optimal use of the cooking surfaces are also shown, such as via the temperature. iZoneControl tells you which foods are best cooked in which area. This saves time and energy.

Manual and intelligent tickets.

For even more flexibility, you can use both manual and intelligent tickets at the same time in one pan. Only one condition: the zones have to work with the "frying" cooking method.

Each zone can be controlled with a timer and be started at different times with different durations and at different or the same temperature. The end of the cooking time is signalled both on the display and with an acoustic signal.

Core temperature probe.

One core probe can be used per pan. This means that in the iVario XS and the iVario Pro 2-S, you have two core probes at your disposal, and one in the other models. You can use even more intelligent tickets.